Friday, August 13, 2010

OWC: Dream Matches To Die For! 8/13/10

As the show starts, the camera films the entrance stage from a distance as fireworks explode in the air. All sorts of colors and in all sorts of ways. Fireworks then explode above the ring and finally flames come out from the ring posts.

Jim: “Welcome to another action packed edition of OWC! We have, in my mind, the biggest OWC show in history! I have been waiting all week! So much is at stake….so much is going to happen… don’t want to miss it. We have a sold-out crowd here in Denver, Colorado…..home of the Colorado Avalanche as we are in the Pepsi Center. We have an amazing crowd as there are over 20,000 fans here. We are showcasing “Dream Matches” tonight and I can assure you, they won’t disappoint. Well we got to get a move on….so let’s get started with our first match.” As soon as Jim stops talking, the lights go out but after a few seconds, they come back on and Poison is in the ring! He has his black trench coat on and his black baseball bat in hand. In the other hand, he has a mic. The crowd is going insane.

Poison: “Oh yeah….that’s right! It’s actually me this time! No other…’s actually Poison right here talking to you!” The crowd roars. “Now there are a couple things I need to go over with not only you fans, but with people in the back. First off, I am facing off against 4evercmpunk in a match tonight. This match… the first ever meeting between us. I can tell you, it’s going to be a classic. Another first time classic will be at Persecution as I face one on one with 101! One on one with 101 I say! It is quite a weekend for me. I will first end 4ever’s undefeated streak…..and then end 101’s active wrestler undefeated streak and end his OWC Title reign. My name will be the talk of this weekend and this week…..and this month…..and this year! It’s time for me to take this place by storm!” Just then 101’s theme song comes on and he comes out on stage. He has the OWC Title around his waist with a suit on. The crowd is booing like crazy.

McMahon 101: “Poison, Poison, Poison! You know… make me laugh SO HARD sometimes. Yes, sometimes! Now Poison, I don’t think you actually know who you are fighting. First off, you are facing against an undefeated star! She has the longest reigning TFC streak in history! She is TFC Champion…..she’s Sociest’s Minister……4evercmpunk! She has faced and beat them all! You are no different! HELL, you can’t even beat Casey! 4ever beat her……I BEAT HER…..TWICE! 4ever will beat you down so badly…..there will only be a small chunk of you left! That chunk is for me at Persecution! That chunk will be so easy to beat……so easy to take over! Just face it Poison…..” Poison interrupts.

Poison: “No, you face it 101! 101, just look at yourself! You consider yourself an active wrestler! Yeah, you can wrestle…..but not as good as I can! You can be champion…..but not as good as I can! Now 4ever is tonight……I am really not interested in that! WHAT I am interested in……is you at Persecution.” 101 interrupts.

101: “I am sick and tired of you saying…..” Poison interrupts.

Poison: “101…….101……let me give you a little story! I have faced stars like Wrestlemaniac to Doctor D. I have faced stars like Sharona and King of the Dead! I went after Skitzo and CBM. I faced and beat them all! I beat them differently and took them out differently, but they were almost similar. BUT as for you…..OH, OH, OH… for you 101, you are a little different! Actually, a little more than a little! 101……I took those stars out pretty much the same way……but as for you……I am going to do something I have never done before! I am going to take you out so differently! It’s going to be so different, it’s going to make you tingle. It’s going to affect your senses like never before! It’s going to blind you….it’s going to make you deaf. It’s going to make you stop breathing…..stop talking…..stop moving! It’s going to affect your whole body up and down!”

101: “OHHHHHHH, look at me Poison…..look at me shaking in my suit! I am so scared of you…..SOOOOOO SCARED!” 101 becomes disgusted. “Poison, you make me sick! You are lying to yourself and lying to these fans…..MOST IMPORTANTLY, you are lying to me!!!!”

Poison: “101, I believe people are sent on this earth for a reason. I believe they are born for a reason. Now whatever that reason is…..every person has a different reason…..but as for me…..I know mine! I first thought it was to take out the evil……take out the sinister…..BUT…..I figured it out…..I finally figured it out! I was sent here to…..take you out! Take you out….take Sociest out! You are Sociest, 101! Once I take you out…..Sociest is taken out! That’s going to happen this Sunday, 101……if you like it or not!”

101: “Poison… want to talk about reason….well give me a reason why we saw two of you! COME ON POISON……give us a reason! What…..can’t you think of one fast enough? Is your mind too slow because your mom beat you on top of the head one too many times? Did she do some brain damage to you or was that already there when you were born you FREAK?” 101 starts to walk down the ramp. He gets to the middle of the ramp. Just then Poison raises his bat in the air and the lights go out……in 3 seconds, they come back on! Poison is still in the ring…..BUT……a Poison look alike is behind 101 on top of the stage. Poison points his bat to 101. He turns and sees the look alike.

101: “AHHHHH, I KNEW IT…..I KNEW IT!” 101 drops his mic and starts to run up the ramp……but the lights go out and in a few seconds…..they come back on and the look alike is gone. 101 turns around to the ring and……no one is in the ring. 101’s face turns red as he’s full of anger. (Commercial)

The show comes back and we see Dixie Carter walking into the back entrance of the arena. She walks up to the front desk.

Dixie: “Can you tell me what my room is?”

Staff: “Yeah, it’s in Hall E room 5.”

Dixie: “Thanks.” Dixie goes to Hall E and walks down it. She gets to room 5 and
tries to open the door knob but it’s not budging. She tries again but realizes it’s locked. She looks up at the door and where it should say “Dixie’s Office” says “Get Out”. Dixie shakes her head and starts to breath hard. The camera changes to the ring.

1. Dark Plague (Dead Silence and Karnage) (Champs) vs. Xtreme Insanity (Skitzo and King of the Dead)

Jim: “Well this will be the last time one of these teams will be teaming up on OWC. You see, these two teams are facing off in a TLC Match at Persecution this Sunday. Not only is it for the OWC Tag Titles….but the losing team will have to disband. These two teams are two of the best teams in OWC history. I just can’t imagine one of these teams splitting.”

Dark Plague’s entrance theme comes on first. They come on stage and continue down the ramp. Both have their titles around their waist. Dead is walking a head of Karnage by a couple feet because of what happened in recent weeks as Xtreme Insanity keeps getting the advantage. They get in the ring, take off their titles and wait as the crowd continues to boo them. Xtreme Insanity’s music hits and the crowd jumps to their feet. They come on stage and do different poses for the audience as fireworks explode behind them. They jumps up and quickly come down the ramp. They slide in the ring, get on their feet…..and the battle begins.

Before the bell rings, Skitzo and King go up to Karnage and Dead. Skitzo is attacking Dead as King goes after Karnage. As Xtreme is punching at Dark…..Dark retaliates as they start punching back. By now the bell as rung, but all 4 stars are fighting it out. Skitzo punches at Dead….but Dead blocks one of his and starts going full attack on Skitzo as he knife edge chops him and kicks him in the gut. He grabs Skitzo by the head and….TOSSES him over the ropes. Skitzo bounces off the ring apron and then lands hard on the floor. King is in total control of Karnage though as he has him in the corner pounding away. Dead walks behind King though and…..POUNDS right on his back. King holds his back as he turns around….only to meet Dead right there. She punches him and he goes back……only to be grabbed by Karnage. Dead aims her fists and……BAM, BAM, BAM, BAM, BAM, BAM, BAM……rights and left punches to his gut, chest, and head. Dead backs up and tells Karnage to let him go. Karnage pushes King toward Dead. She grabs him….lifts him in the air……SPINEBUSTER! Karnage steps out to ringside as now the match is under control…..but Dead goes for a cover: 1-2-OH! Dead gets King up on his feet….lifts him up again…..BUT….applies a bear hug! She squeezes and squeezes…..more and more…..and King is losing power. He tries to fight her off but he can’t. His arms lower. The ref comes over, raises one arm….it falls: 1! The ref raises it again… lowers: 2! The ref raises it one more time…..falls: 3…..BUT, BUT, BUT….it quickly comes up. The crowd starts to cheer. King is feeling the energy from the crowd. His arms start to shake. He brings his arms to her head, holds her head as……GOOD GOD……he headbutts her right in the face! That makes her releases the hold. King goes for a kick to her gut…..but she holds his foot……but he jumps…..enzigiri! She stumbles from the impact. King gets up, kicks her in the gut this time…..Twist of Fate…..but she throws him in the ropes. He comes back and…..OH…..Dead hits him with a big boot! King falls down instantly. Dead goes over and….TAG: Karnage.

Karnage gets in as Dead stays in. Dead gets King up and hits him with a backbreaker. She keeps King on her knee as Karnage runs into the ropes…..jumps up and…..OH…..hits King with a leg drop as he was in the air! King’s body becomes tangled. As Dead goes to the apron, Karnage turns King over to his back and covers: 1-2-OH! Karnage gets King on his feet….but lifts him up and hits a body slam…..but King slides behind Karnage. He turns around to King….only to have King wrap his arm around the neck of Karnage. King screams and hits the side effect! Both stars are lying on the mat. King starts to turn and goes over to his corner. As he is crawling, Karnage comes to and gets to his feet. He walks over to King as he is ALMOST THERE! King reaches for Skitzo….but Karnage grabs his leg and pulls him BACK! King gets to his feet….without hesitation…..kicks Karnage in the gut…..OH MY…..Twist of Fate! Karnage is motionless. King jumps over…..TAG: Skitzo! Skitzo climbs the corner….jumps….Swanton Bomb….WAIT, WAIT, WAIT…..OH, OH, OH……Karnage puts his knees up and Skitzo went right into them! Skitzo squirms around the ring in pain as he holds his lower back. Karnage turns over and is on his hands and knees. He gets to his feet and goes over to Skitzo. As Skitzo is using the ropes to get up…..Karnage goes under, reaches up…..LOOK! He just grabs Skitzo by the throat….lifts him up…..CHOKESLAM! Karnage covers: 1-2-NOOOO! He can’t believe he kicked out! Karnage gets Skitzo up and drags him to his corner…..TAG: Dead Silence! Dead comes in, grabs Skitzo from behind…..twists……Killswitch….BUT, BUT, BUT….Skitzo pushes him away. Dead turns around and runs to Skitzo…..OH….Skitzo jumps and hits a spinning heel kick! Both get up quickly, but Skitzo does a hiptoss to Dead. Dead gets back up, but Skitzo does a dropkick right to his face. Both get up at the same time and Skitzo goes for a closeline….but Dead ducks. Dead turns around and grabs Skitzo from behind….twists him around….Killswitch…..BUT…..King gets in the ring and runs…..Dead lets go of Skitzo and moves to the side. King runs and….was about to hit Dead, but she moved and……OH NO….King runs right into Skitzo with a closeline. King looks down and is shocked. Karnage gets in the ring….grabs King by his throat…..CHOKESLAM! He pushes King out of the ring with his foot. Dead gets Skitzo up, goes behind him…..KILLSWITCH! She covers: 1-2-3!!! Winners: Dead Silence and Karnage.

Dead gets out of the ring, looks under the ring, and slides a ladder out from underneath. She slides it in. Karnage sets it up in the middle of the ring. Dead gets in and starts to climb. Karnage climbs the other side. They go higher and higher and finally reach the top.

Jim: “That is what it’s going to look like at Persecution. These two will finally end the careers of the useless Skitzo and King of the Dead.” (Commercial)

The show comes back and we see McMahon 101 in his office. He is standing up right by the TV set. Vickie is in his right arm.

101: “You see that? Oh Vickie…..Dixie will be out of here sooner than later. First we lock her out of her office and now we attack the unprotected! It’s ending…..ending soon! When people say TFC Management… will mean nothing but MEEEEEEEEEE! I mean you see how she characterized me as last week? She characterized me as Hitler…..HITLER!”

Vickie: “Well baby, you are taking out people like him. You made a communist group like him.”

101: “Vickie, it’s not my fault this place got turned into HELL! Dixie and Eric ruined it. It’s what we need to do. Take out the people who don’t follow us. Take out the low carders….mid-carders…..main carders……gypsies and everyone in between!”
Vickie starts to laugh.

Vickie: “101….and that’s one thing I love about Sociest and you!”

101: “Oh, come here my love!” Vickie and 101 meet at the lips and kiss. They exchange tongues and finally back up from each other. 101 starts an evil, sinister, dark laugh and Vickie joins in! The camera goes to Dixie Carter who is walking backstage. Her eyes become big. She blinks to see if she is just seeing things. She then calls out.

Dixie: “ERIC!” The camera turns around and it shows Eric Bischoff. Dixie walks up to him. “Eric, can I come to your office? It seems like I am locked out of mine.”

Eric: “You two? Dixie, I came here and mine is locked.” Dixie puts her head down and raises her hand to rub her forehead.

Dixie: “It’s not looking good Eric….it’s not looking good. Really Eric…..what did we do wrong? What did we do to make this happen? I am saying nothing and everyone else will say nothing! This is really getting unsafe.”

2. Rey vs. Journeywolf vs. DJ the Icon (Champ)

Rey’s music comes on first and the crowd pops. He makes his way down the ring with a smile. After him, Journeywolf comes on stage. The entire crowd boos him. He walks down the ramp as the fans at the ramp try to hit him, but he puts his hands on top of his head and sticks his tongue out at them. He continues to walk and gets in the ring. Finally, DJ’s music comes on and the crowd jumps up. They chant…..DJ, DJ, DJ, DJ! He has the Tough Enough Title around his waist. He high 5’s the people standing by the entrance ramp. He slides in the ring and takes off his title.
The bell sounds and both Rey and DJ go after Journey. They start to punch him and kick him. He immediately falls on the mat. DJ and Rey continue their assault as they kick and stomp on him.

Jim: “Since this is a Triple Threat Match, there are No DQs and No Countouts! And this attack, even though he is by the ropes, can’t be stopped.”

Journey grabs the ropes and pulls himself out of the ring. He stands on his feet on the outside. Rey runs the opposite direction, bounces off the ropes, comes to the previous side and……GOOD GOD…..suicide dive right on Journey! It sends Journey back…..BACK FIRST into the ring barricade. He screams in pain. Rey lands on his feet and the crowd goes wild. Rey gets Journey back on his feet….OH……Journey rakes the eyes of Rey. DJ jumps to the top corner, his back facing the both of them, jumps…….OH MY……moonsault from the top rope!!!!! He lands right on Journey and Rey…..making them both fall…..leaving DJ the Icon on the floor also. All 3 are lying there. The crowd is pumped up.

Jim: “Well look at that….even though DJ and Rey are friends…..that doesn’t stop him from attacking. That’s the only thing that is good about him…..he actually fights to keep his title.”

DJ gets to his feet and the crowd chants…..DJ, DJ, DJ, DJ, DJ!!!! He walks over to another side of the ring, looks under, and pulls out a chair. Journey slowly turns over to his hands and knees. He then gets to his feet. DJ walks over….aims the chair and……throws it…..SMASHING it right in the head of Journey! He just threw it right at Journey’s head….having it get STUCK! Journey is going crazy like a chicken without a head. He then falls right down and the crowd laughs at him. DJ goes back to the side where he got the chair. He looks under the ring again and finds a trashcan. He gets it up and walks over where all the carnage is. As he gets to the ring post…..Rey is already up as he runs…..grabs the ring post….SWINGS…..GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY……219 (619) right into the trashcan……which goes right into the gut of DJ. DJ falls back, with the trashcan being ruined, and holds his gut in pain. Rey lands on his feet as the crowd gets even crazier. He turns around…….only to see Journey running at him…..without having enough time to move……BOOM…..Journey closelines Rey…….DID YOU SEE THAT?........Rey flips 180 Degrees…..landing right on his face, throat, and chest! You can hear the SMACK! The crowd gasps. DJ is still down. Journey quickly rips the announcer’s table apart.

Jim: “Whoa….what are you doing now?”

Journey grabs Rey…..lifts him up………OH NO…..NO, NO, NO…….POWERBOMB THROUGH THE TABLE!!!!!!!! The table collapses on impact…….having Rey in the carnage…..lying motionless. Journey raises his arms and yells, AHHHHHHH!

Jim: “Now that’s how you do it! You little shrimp of a man… little coward… little kiddie…..your down and out and never get up you sleezy 7 year old! Rey’s DOWN, DOWN, DOWN!!!!!”

Journey turns around and gets DJ up. He slides him in the ring. Journey looks under the ring and pulls out…..a ladder! He slides it in the ring also. He gets in and plops the ladder in the corner. He turns around to get DJ…..but DJ is already up and in his face. He does a right hand right to Journey’s face…..he then does a left hand…..another right, right, right, right…..sending Journey further and further back. Journey is right in front of the ladder. DJ turns around, runs back, turns to face Journey, runs to him…..UH-OH……running to Journey…..makes Journey side step, and DJ goes……RIGHT INTO THE LADDER! DJ went face and chest first. Journey gets DJ back to the opposing corner….grabs him and……WHIPS him…….sending him BACK FIRST into the ladder! DJ holds his back in pain as he falls down to his knees! Journey gets DJ up…..but DJ pushes Journey back and…..OH NO…..roundhouse kick to the head of Journey! He falls back against the ladder. He is leaning right on it. DJ runs the other way…..turns around, and runs back to Journey and……BIG SPLASH! DJ splashed Journey right against the ladder. Journey falls down and flip flops all over the ring in pain. Just then Rey comes back in the ring. Rey walks over to the ladder as Journey slowly gets on his feet. DJ and Rey bend over…..lift Journey up…..GOOD GOD…..a double back body drop from DJ and Rey with Journey landing RIGHT on the ladder! OH, OH, OH… Journey landed on it… cracked and broke into 2!
Journey is lying in pieces of ladder parts. DJ walks over to the other side of the ring and raises his arms as the crowd chants…..DJ, DJ, DJ! Rey, on the other side of the ring, bends down and reaches out of the ring to grab the chair used earlier. He gets up as DJ turns around. They meet face to face…..OH NO….Rey is about to swing….but DJ jumps up and hits the Van Daminator. Rey goes back big time but he didn’t fall. The chair already fell. DJ runs to him….but Rey does a drop toe hold…..sending DJ into the ropes. He lands on the middle rope with his throat resting on it. Rey runs the other way, bounces off the ropes…..runs forward and…..219!!!!!! DJ bounces back and falls down. Rey jumps on the top rope…..springboard big splash! Rey covers: 1-2-OH……Journey comes alive and gets Rey up before the count of 3……he faces Rey and…..LOW BLOW!!!!! He knees him right there! Rey falls insantly. Journey quickly covers DJ: 1-2-3! Winner: Journeywolf

Vince: “What a match….what a match! These three battled it out! They went through everything….but Journey, Sociest member, came out the victor! Of course….that’s nothing new! Sociest is filled with winners. He won this match and he is going to win at Persecution and get gold!!!!” (Commercial)

The show comes back and we see Cody with Ultimate Warrior.

Warrior: “I am here with Cody. Cody, you turned against Sociest last week. 101 wasn’t too happy about that at all. He had you face Toolman last week and you lost. 101 is not going to let you go by that easily it seems. You are facing Tool, JYP, and Rockergirl tonight and it’s next. It’s a 3-1 Handicap Match. What are your thoughts?”

Cody: “You know, I have to give some ups to 101. I mean he is the owner of TFC. He is the founder of TFC. He made TFC the biggest online fantasy wrestling company on the web. I can’t deny his success. He made this place huge. I can see that and I can say that, but the whole Sociest thing…..I have no idea what he has gotten into. I mean he’s mind boggling. This group is run like a dictatorship. I know, I have been in it. We had meetings and 101 abused members. He told us not to tell, but…..ah well. 101 would go over these plans he had for hours. He would talk non-stop. When we tried to give him ideas and our thoughts, he would threaten us. He’s truly a mastermind. He brought Dixie in….and now he wants to take her out. He wants to take anyone else who isn’t in Sociest. He wants to take me out; well he’s going to have to do a lot….and I mean A LOT before you even see me rethink my decision. Besides…..I am not the only one!” Cody walks away. The camera changes to Paul Heyman who is in a different part backstage.

Paul: “Yes, it’s me….Paul Heyman. After going to 101 last week and accepting Sociest in my life….he gave me a new position here on OWC! I am here with my other Sociest buddies, Toolman, JYP, and Rockergirl.”

Toolman: “Paul, I welcome you to Sociest! Isn’t it great? Now 101 handpicked me to be part of Sociest and I never looked back. It should have been made long time ago. I love it. Now I beat Cody last week for what he did to 101….but me, Rocker, and JYP are going to beat him up. It’s going to be a murder scene in the ring. Now let go; it’s time for our match.”

3. Toolman, JYP (Champ), and Rockergirl vs. Cody in a 3-1 Handicap Match

All 3 stars come out at the same time. Toolman, JYP, and Rockergirl make their way on the stage in unison. As they walk, Rocker gets in front of them……but then JYP gets a little ahead of her….and then Toolman surpasses them. The crowd is booing at a consistent rate. All 3 get in the ring and wait for their opponent. Cody’s theme plays and the crowd jumps up. He gets out on stage and comes down to the ring with a focused look. He stops right before he gets in. He looks around at the arena and they are all cheering him on.

Jim: “If you don’t know, all 3 members are allowed in this match at the same time. I am telling you….this can end in a matter of 5 minutes….or 5 seconds. Cody is dead meat. It’s time to take out the trash and never see it again!”

Cody slides in, the bell rings, and it becomes a way. Cody is up and Rocker runs to him….but he closelines her. JYP runs to him next, but he closeslines him too. Toolman runs now….but Cody does a big boot and it sends Tool down. Rocker is back up and runs….but Cody does a back body drop. JYP goes to him….but he lifts him up and hits an atomic drop. He then dropkicks JYP and….it sends him out of the ring. Cody is up and turns around…..OH NO….Tool is right there…..locks his arms around Cody’s waist……belly to belly suplex! Tool gets up and aggressively yells.

Jim: “That’s pure talent right there!”

Tool gets Cody up on his feet…..but then lifts him up……and…..OH……RAMS him right into the corner. He backs up but then does a shoulder block. He backs up again but does another shoulder block. He gets Cody up to the top rope. Toolman follows him. He is about to…..SUPERPLEX him…..but Cody hits Tool in the gut with several punches and elbows. He makes Tool bend down. Cody jumps over him….locks his hands around his waist…..lifts him up…..SUNSET POWERBOMB…..BUT, BUT, BUT….as Tool falls to the mat….Rocker and JYP are right in his path! Tool lands right on the both of them. All 3 fall to the mat.

Jim: “I can’t believe that… move takes out all 3!”

Cody runs and covers JYP: 1-2-NO! Cody gets up and covers Tool: 1-2-OH! Cody gets
up and covers Rocker: 1-2-AH! Cody can’t believe it. He gets Rocker up and throws her through the middle and top rope. She lands hard on the floor. Cody goes over to JYP as he is just about standing. Cody grabs him by the throat…..AHHHHH……Chokeslam! Cody turns around and Toolman is up…..moving toward him with a big boot….but Cody ducks. Both turn around to face each other….Cody kicks Tool in the gut…..sets up a piledriver…..but lifts him up and….POWERBOMB! Cody covers him: 1-2-NOOOOO! Cody is in total control. Cody gets up and turns around. Rocker is on the apron…..jumps on the top rope….flies in the air and hits a springboard dropkick!

Jim: “What a move!”

Rocker covers: 1-2-NO! Rocker gets him up and whips him in the ropes. He comes back and she tries for a back body drop, but Cody kicks her right in the chest as she was bending down. Cody runs right to her……BAM….hits her with a full force closeline. Cody climbs to the top rope……jumps….. Shining Light (Shooting Star Press)!!!!! Cody covers: 1-2-AHHHHH……JYP and Toolman break the count. Both of them start stomping on Cody. It’s non-stop stomping! The ref is trying to get control, but he can’t. They continue to stomp. Rocker finally gets up. She sees what is happening. She walks over and…..OH….pushes the ref down. The ref falls back but gets up. He goes right in the face of Rocker…..but……she PUNCHES him right in the face. He falls down and is unconscious.

Jim: “I knew it! These stars don’t want to win…..they want to destroy Cody!”

Rocker goes to the outside, looks under the ring, and finds a kendo stick. She slides in. By that time, JYP and Tool get Cody on his feet. She aims the weapon and…..WHACKS it right in his gut. He bends over in pain. She raises it up and…..HITS him right in the back! He is in agony as the stick leaves serious marks on his body. He slowly tries to walk off the pain….but she walks behind him and…..SMACKS the stick over the back of his head! He falls instantly. She raises the stick and the crowd boos like crazy. JYP, Rocker, and JYP stand together with their arms held high. They have their backs turned to the stage! THAT’S NOT GOOD! Blazin Snake is coming down the ramp with a steel chair. The crowd roars. The 3 in the ring think they are cheering because of them. They nod their head in appreciation. Snake slides in the ring and he is right behind them. He brings the chair to his side, winds up and……SMASHES it over the back of Rockergirl’s head. She falls forward and drops the kendo stick. JYP quickly bends over and picks it up. He turns around…..WHAM….Snake hits him with a chair over the head. Tool goes to Snake, but he hits the top of the chair into the gut of Tool. Tool bends over and Snake hits the chair over the back of Tool. All 3 are lying on the mat. Snake raises the chair and the whole crowd goes crazy. (Commercial)

The show comes back and we see Ultimate Warrior.

Warrior: Wow wee. I am here with Cody and Blazin Snake. Snake you got out there just in time. Who knows what Sociest would have done to Cody if you didn’t come out.”

Snake: “Cody came up to me earlier in the show and asked how I felt about Sociest. After telling him, we had the same opinions about the group. He asked me to join with him to take out Sociest. I then went asking and got ourselves another person.” Just then Jeff Hardy walks in the scene.

Cody: “At Persecution it was going to be JYP, Rockergirl, and Toolman vs. Me….but then Snake was added… Jeff Hardy is added. It’s all evened up now. Sociest wants to pick a fight….well I got people to back me up.” Just then DJ the Icon walks on set.

DJ: “Guys, I know I won’t be part of your match this Sunday, but I am rooting for you. I am with you too. We got to take out Sociest by any means. It’s our duty, just like Poison! We got sent here to do so.” All of them join hands. The camera cuts to Paul Heyman as he has a camera with him. He comes out of a hallway and sees Dixie Carter and Eric Bischoff. He runs up to them.

Paul: “Dixie…..Eric… scared of what Sociest is going to do with you two?”

Dixie: “Paul, I am glad you are here. I want to make an announcement. With what we saw earlier tonight…..I am changing a match at Persecution. It’s going to be DJ the Icon vs. Journeywolf vs. Rey for the Tough Enough Title. Thank you.”

Paul: “Well what about my question to you?!”

Eric: “I can answer that!” Eric turns to Paul and…..PUNCHES him right across the face. Paul falls straight down. “How’s that?” Eric and Dixie continue to walk. The camera changes to the ring.

4. Casey vs. CBM- First Time Ever

Jim: “This is a First Time Ever Match! Everyone would dream of this match! Oh how they wanted to see Casey face CBM! Well it’s not a dream anymore as it’s going to happen right now! I can’t wait to see this classic!”

Casey’s theme song comes on and the crowd jumps up.

She comes down the ramp with her famous video camera in hand. She gets to the end of the ramp and sets the camera up. She slides in the ring and poses on top of a corner. The crowd loves it.

CBM comes on stage. He finally has a theme song playing, but still doesn’t have entrance gear or affects. As he is walking down the ring, the crowd boos him. He gets to the end of the ramp, looks at the camera Casey set up and….pushes it over…..making it fall. CBM shrugs his shoulders and continues to walk. The crowd boos him even more. Casey can’t believe he did that. He gets in the ring and the bell sounds.

These two move around the ring. They stop and look at each other. They move around again and finally lock-up. They push each other back and forth. CBM pushes Casey back….but then she pushes him back. CBM pushes her back more and she is just about in the corner, but she reverses it at the last second and CBM is in the corner. Casey unlocks the lock. She winds up and WOOOO! Does a knife edge chop right to his chest. She winds up again and WOOOO! She grabs his head with her left hand and hits a hard right hand punch. She does another punch. The ref counts to 4 and she backs up. She goes to him again, but he kicks her in the gut and places her in the corner. He does a chop to her chest…..WOOOO! WOOOOO……he does another. He winds his right hand back and….goes all out! Punch after punch to her face! 3,4,5,6 punches so quickly. The ref pulls him back. He pushes the ref off and yells, “Don’t touch me!” He turns to Casey, but Casey runs to him….but he twirls…..tilt-a-whirl backbreaker! He covers: 1-2-OH! CBM gets Casey up and throws her in the ropes. She comes back and he tries for a closeline, but she ducks. She continues to run. He turns around and he tries for another closeline, but she grabs his arm, twist and twirls around……BAM…..Devil Lock DDT! Casey covers: 1-2-OH! She gets him up and whips him in the corner. She runs to him…..but he puts his feet up and HITS her right in the face! She backs up. CBM runs….SPEAR, SPEAR, SPEAR, SPEAR…….but Casey lifts him up and hits a hiptoss! He holds his back in pain as he gets up. She throws him in the ropes. He comes back…..she jumps…..OH, PERFECT DROPKICK! She hit him right in the jaw. She covers: 1-2-AH! Both get up to their feet and punch back and forth.

CBM blocks one and POKES her right in the eye. She holds her face. CBM runs to her….SPEAR! He covers: 1-2-NOOOO! CBM can’t believe it. He gets up and waits in the corner. He kneels down to wait for him to get up. She starts to move. She turns over and is on her hands and knees. She gets to her feet….CBM runs…..SPEAR…..but Casey hits him with her knee! He got hit right in the head. He stumbles. Casey twists him around……Pepsi Twist!!!!!! She covers: 1-2-OHHHH! Casey gets up and goes up to the top rope. CBM slowly gets on his feet. He turns to her…..she jumps…..MOONSAULT!......WAIT…..CBM caught her on his shoulder! He turns around, runs……running powerslam! He hooks her leg: 1-2-AH!

Jim: “Back and forth battle!”

CBM gets her up…..but she jumps on his shoulders…..hurricanrona…..OH… sends him through the top and middle rope….down to the floor! He hit the floor hard. He gets to his feet. Casey runs…..suicide dive…..GOOD GOD…..CBM caught her AGAIN! He runs forward…….BAM, BASH, SMASH……CBM RAMMED Casey back first into the ring apron! She screams in pain! CBM grabs Casey by the head and drags her to the side where the announcer’s table is. Casey pushes CBM back and….OUT OF NOWHERE……super kick!!!!! CBM falls back and lands right on the table! Casey looks at the scene. She jumps on the ring apron. She then jumps on the second rope……springboard moonsault……ON CBM!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY!!!!!! The table didn’t break though.

Jim: “This is happening right in front of me! I can’t believe this! Good thing this table can hold a lot of weight!”

Casey gets up and slides right in the ring. The ref is at the count of 9!!!!!!! But Casey slides back out. She grabs CBM, gets him off the table, and brings him in the ring. She gets in and covers: 1-2-NOOOO! Casey can’t believe it. She gets CBM up, kicks him in the gut…..sets up a suplex…..but CBM lands on his feet behind her. She turns around…..he kicks her in the gut……Impaler DDT!!!!! Both are lying on the mat. The ref starts to count: 1-2-3-4-5-6-CBM gets up-8-Casey gets up. CBM does a punch to her head…..but she does one to his. CBM does another…..but Casey……WOOOOO! CBM does a knife edge chop in return. Casey goes for a punch…..but CBM ducked. Casey brings her arm back and…..ELBOW SHOW to his head! He backs up to the corner. She walks over to him……but he pops out of the corner and kicks her in the gut. She suddenly pops up and….roundhouse kick to his head!!!!!! He leans back in the corner. Casey goes past him and climbs the corner. She turns him around and makes him come up. She has him bend over…..sets up a pedigree type move…….jumps……GOOD GOD…..Pepsi Plunge!!!! CBM bounces up and then turns over to his back and falls. Casey hooks his leg: 1-2-3!!!!!!!!!!

NO, NO, NO…..only 2!!!!!! Casey can’t believe it. She slowly gets CBM up…..but he pushes her back and she bounces off the ropes. She comes forward…..SPEAR, SPEAR, SPEAR!!!!!! He gets her up and moves to another corner. He climbs and has her in front of him. He sets up a piledriver type moveon the top rope…..jumps……GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY……Suicide Driver (Front Flip Piledriver)!!!!!!!! Casey’s head bounces off the mat. CBM turns her over to her back and covers: 1-2-GOOD GOD NO!!!!!! Casey kicked out!!!!!!!!! CBM sits on the mat with his hands over his head. He doesn’t know what else to do. He suddenly grabs his hair and starts to pull on it. He gets up and waits in a corner. Casey just lies there. CBM is tired of waiting and walks over to Casey. He bends down……BUT, BUT, BUT…..Casey grabs his head for a small package: 1-2-OHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Both stars quickly get up. CBM kicks Casey in the gut and goes for a DDT…..but Casey twists out of it and goes for a closeline….but CBM ducked. She bounces off the ropes and comes to him. He goes for a big boot but she ducks and continues to run. She comes back again, CBM quickly turns and SPEAR, SPEAR, SPEAR, SPEAR, SPEAR, SPEAR, SPEAR, SPEAR, SPEAR!!!!!!!!!!! He covers her with one arm: 1-2-3!!!!!!!!! Winner: CBM

Jim: “What a match…..WHAT A MATCH! A classic match…..very classic match! One of the best this year….maybe of all time! CBM wins and now Casey is just beat down enough for 4ever to have a good win at Persecution!!!!” CBM gets up and raises his arms. The ref goes to CBM to help him raise his arm, but CBM pushes the ref away. CBM slides out of the ring and goes up the ramp. Casey starts to toss and turn in the ring. OH……the camera shoots the crowd as a lot of hype is going on. Just then, 4ever jumps over the barricade! She gets in the ring and waits. The crowd is yelling at Casey to leave. Casey slowly gets to her feet. She stumbles around, but turns. OH NO…..4ever is right there and lifts her up……GTS!!!!!!! She goes down to her knees and puts one finger on Casey. 4ever, with her other hand, hits the mat: 1-2-3!!!!!!

Jim: “You see that! We don’t need a match with these two at Persecution… just happened and 4ever beat Casey!”

4ever slowly gets up, has her head down, but her eyes looking up as she scans the audience. They consistently boo her. She gets out of the ring and heads backstage. (Commercial)

The show comes back and we see CBM slowly walks backstage. He is feeling the impact of that match. As he is walking, 101 pops out from the corner.

101: “CBM…..what a classic match you had! Brilliant match…..just amazing! CBM, I got a little question for you.”

CBM: “What could you possibly want 101?”

101: “CBM… know how big Sociest is getting. Now I know you don’t want to be in our path of Execution. Now I am trying to protect you and help you. I mean you are rising up from the bottom to the top…..and if you join Sociest, it will have you accomplish that faster than you normally would. Now not only that CBM, but I got to say, you would be perfect for Sociest. I know you don’t NEED Sociest, but Sociest wants you. You joining will set us over the top and make our dreams come true in a matter of days. I know you don’t like Dixie and Eric….and I know you don’t like me much, but CBM, it’s your call.”

CBM: “101, I have been though a tough battle….but I won that. I have been here over a year and I accomplished more than anyone. I went through everything. I know I don’t need Sociest, but if Sociest wants me…..oh well, but if they NEED me…..that’s different. I will certainly think about it, but as you said……Sociest wants me….not needs me.” CBM walks away from 101. The camera changes to the ring.

5. Poison vs. 4evercmpunk (Champ)- First Time Ever

4ever’s music comes on and she quickly comes out on stage as she didn’t go far from where she was at before the commercial break. She walks her way down the ramp and in the ring.

After she gets in, the lights start to flicker. Music plays and we see him come down the ramp. He has his black trench coat on and black bat at hand. He marches his way down the ramp in a focused manner. He gets to the ring, takes off his coat, puts the bat down, slides in the ring, stands and…..

The bell rings and both go at it. They go to each other and punch back and forth. 4ever gets good shots in, but Poison does too. They go back and forth…..back and forth. They aren’t stopping. Poison does one…..but 4ever does a knee instead. She does a punch to his head then. He does a punch, but she hits him in the gut with her knee again. She goes for a punch, but he grabs her hand. She goes for a left punch, but he grabs that hand. He moves his head forward…..GOOD GOD….headbutt right to her face! She falls down on her back. She quickly gets up though. She runs to him but he does a hiptoss. She gets up but he does another hiptoss. She gets up one more time. He kicks her in the gut and she moves back. He does a chop to her chest and she moves back even more. She is in the corner. He kicks her in the gut, chop to her chest, punch to her face…….kick, chop, punch, chop, punch, chop, punch, chop, punch, chop, punch, kick, chop, punch! He backs up as he waves his arms in the air to get the crowd fired up. They are screaming their heads off. He goes to the opposing corner. He runs to her…..BIG SPLASH….but she moved at the last second. He goes chest first into the corner. She turns him around so his back is in the corner. She runs where he was at. She runs to the corner now…..running knee lift…..but he moved and she goes knee first into the corner!!!!! She gets down but limps. Poison comes to her and knocks her down with a closeline. She gets up quickly though. He grabs her and whips her in the ropes. She comes back and he lifts her up for a back body drop, but she knees him in the face. He drops her down in front of him…..OH….drops her down for an atomic drop. He backs away from him….just enough space so he can deliver a dropkick!!!! He covers: 1-2-3!!!!!!

NO, NO, NO, only 2!!! He gets her up…..but she knees him in the gut. She does a right fist to his head…..then a left fist. She does another right……then a spinning backhand right…..and OH MY…..a roundhouse kick to his head! He stumbles back. She runs to him and closelines him over the top rope!!!!! He goes over the ropes…..but lands on his feet! He reaches in and grabs her legs. He pulls her legs out from under her. He pulls her out to the floor. Poison does a right hand to her…..but she kicks him in the gut, grabs him, and THROWS him shoulder and back first into the steel steps!!!!! The steps come apart. That doesn’t stop him though. He gets back up. She grabs him and whips him all the way across the other side of the ring…..but Poison reverses it…..sending 4ever BACK FIRST into the barricade! She falls down to her knees as she is in agony. The ref is up at the count of 6. Poison gets in the ring, but then slides out. He goes over to her, picks her up, and slides her in the ring. Poison climbs the top rope. 4ever slowly gets up. She turns to him….he jumps…..missile dropkick!!!!!!! He crawls over to her: 1-2-NOOOO! He gets her up…..but she does a right punch to his face. She lifts him up for a body slam…..but Poison slides behind her…..grabs her head……Scorpion Death Drop!!!!! He covers: 1-2-AHHHHH! Poison thought that was it. He gets her up and whips her in the corner. He runs to her……Big Splash! He takes her out to the middle of the ring…..but she pushes him back…..OUT OF NOWHERE…..roundhouse kick! She bends down and lifts him up……GTS TIME, GTS TIME……but Poison slides behind her. She turns around…..OH, OH, OH……The Poison Knife (Pump Kick). Poison covers: 1-2-3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE BEAT 4EVER, HE BEAT 4EVER!!!!!!!

WAIT, WAIT, WAIT…..IT’S ONLY 2!!!!!! IT’S ONLY 2!!!!!!!!

Jim: “How close was that…..simply how close was that?!!!!!”

Poison can’t believe it. He gets 4ever up……but she lifts him up for a back body drop. She stands to regain her endurance. She turns around and pushes Poison back into the corner. She does a couple punches and then moves back. She runs back to him……jumping knee lift! She then grabs his head….running bulldog……but Poison pushes her away…..OH NO…..she goes right INTO the ref!!!!! The ref is knocked down! She turns around…..Poison is right there…….The Poison Knife!!!!!!! 4ever is down!!!! He grabs her legs and…..Scorpion Death Lock!!!! Without hesitation……4EVER TAPS…..SHE TAPS!!!!! Poison unlocks the hold but realizes the ref is out. Poison goes over to the ref…..but just then….101 comes out on stage. Poison looks up and sees him. 101 has a sick smile on his face. He slowly walks down the ramp. Poison is waiting for him. 101 gets down to the end of the ramp. Just then…..4ever taps on Poison’s shoulder. He turns…..she does a roundhouse kick to the right side of his head…….and then does a roundhouse kick to the left side of his head. She then picks him up……drops him down……GTS, GTS, GTS, GTS, GTS, GTS!!!!!! She covers him. The ref slowly crawls. He comes to them and counts: 1------2------3!!!!!! Winner: 4evercmpunk

4ever rolls out of the ring quickly and goes up the ramp without celebration. 101 thanks her as he walks closer. He comes to the ring and grabs Poison’s bat. Poison slowly turns over and sees 101 with the bat. Just then……he points to him. 101 turns around again…..and THE POISON LOOK ALIKE! It runs down the ramp to 101! As soon as it gets to 101…..he strikes it right in the gut with the bat! It falls down to his knees. 101 then strikes it to its back and he falls flat on the floor. Poison is up in the ring and has a mic in hand.

Poison: “101……that Poison look alike……certainly is a look alike……but it’s also my personal friend……and his name is……STING!!!!!” 101 looks down and realizes its Sting. Just then Dixie Carter comes on the titan tron.

Dixie: “Guys, guys, wait just a second!” 101 turns around and Poison looks up. “I know 101 is going to get out of his match at Persecution in some way! Either countout or DQ or interference…..WELL…..that is not going to happen! It’s 101 vs. Poison in a NO DQ, NO COUNTOUT MATCH! Anyone who interferes will be FIRED on the spot! 101…..there’s no way to hide and there’s no way to get out of it! You want to play games on me…..well I can play games with you even better!” 101’s face becomes red. He is frustrated. He is so angry. He turns back to the ring.

Poison: “101….you can’t run at Persecution……and you can’t run now!!!!”

Poison drops the mic and runs out of the ring. 101 runs up the ramp and Poison follows. They go backstage. The camera shows backstage……GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY!!!!! EVERYONE IS FIGHTING!!!!! Blazin Snake is fighting against Rockergirl, Toolman is fighting against Cody. Journeywolf is taking on both DJ and Rey. Casey and 4ever are punching back and forth. 101 turns around…..THERE’S POISON! Poison does a right hand to 101 and he backs up. 101 does a right hand but Poison does another. Everyone is fighting!!!! It’s Sociest vs. OWC! The camera zooms out and we see JYP.....

climbing a huge ladder that is attached to the wall backstage. It ends where a ledge is. He steps on the ledge…’s about 20 feet in the air!!!!!! We then see Jim Cornette come through the curtain. Eric Bischoff and Dixie Carter come out of a hallway. Jim starts to run. He goes right up to Eric. He throws a punch, but Eric blocks and throws one….punch….but Jim blocks and…….PUNCHES ERIC IN THE MOUTH! JYP is on the ledge as he yells…… “LOOK OUT!!!!!” Everyone looks up. JYP jumps……SWANTON BOMB 20 FEET IN THE AIR……but just then….Blazin Snake, Rey, DJ the Icon, Poison, Cody, Casey, and Eric Bischoff, and Dixie Carter move out of the way……JYP LANDS ON 101, 4EVER, JOURNEYWOLF, JIM CORNETTE, TOOLMAN, AND ROCKERGIRL!!!!!! All of the Sociest members are down. The others look on in pure amazement!!!! The camera zooms in a corner where we see CBM standing there. He looks at Sociest and then looks at OWC……he turns back to Sociest and then looks up.

OWC's Perseuction Line-up:

Poison vs. McMahon 101 for the OWC Title in a NO DQ, NO COUNTOUT, NO Interference Match

Casey vs. 4evercmpunk for the TFC Title

Rey vs. Journeywolf vs. DJ the Icon for the Tough Enough Title

Blazin Snake, Jeff Hardy, and Cody vs. JYP, Rockergirl, and Toolman

Dead Silence vs. Xtreme Insanity in a TLC Match for the OWC Tag Titles- Loser Team Disbands

A World Premiere of McMahon 101's Exclusive Interview- He's Not Holding Anything Back!

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