Sunday, August 15, 2010

OWC's Persecution 8/15/10

The camera starts rolling of the dark arena. The arena isn’t so dark anymore as…..fireworks begin the show! They fly up and explode in the air as they go off on the entrance stage. Back and forth, left to right, a whole ray of colors! They
then go off above the ring in a 4th of July fashion.

Jim: “Welcome everyone to OWC’s Persecution. This PPV, I can guarantee, is going to be one of the best PPV’s in TFC history. Why you ask? Well we got to matches……matches that will be considered…..Matches of the Decade! We saw dream matches to die for on OWC as CBM faced Casey and 4ever faced Poison….but tonight it’s Casey vs. 4ever and Poison vs. McMahon 101. It’s going to be a night you will never forget. We got 5 matches…..5 amazing matches! Let’s get to our first one!

1. DJ the Icon (Champ) vs. Rey vs. Journeywolf in a Triple Threat Match for the Tough Enough Title

Rey comes to the ring first and the crowd jumps to their feet. He gives them fives while he makes his way down the ramp. He slides in the ring. After him, Journeywolf comes down the ramp. The crowd changes completely. They try to boo him out of the building but it won’t work. They then chant, “You can’t wrestle!” He gets in the ring. Finally DJ comes on the stage. The crowd chants, “DJ, DJ, DJ, DJ!” He has the Tough Enough Title around his waist. The crowd loves him. He gets in the ring, takes off his title and the bell sounds.

As soon as the bell rang, Rey and DJ go after Journey. They attack him with kicks and punches. Both of them grab him and whip him in the ropes. He comes back and he gets a double back body drop! He gets up though as he holds his back. Rey lifts him up and hits an atomic drop. DJ then does a roundhouse kick right to his head. Journey stumbles back into the ropes. Rey runs to him and closelines him out of the ring. Journey lands on his feet. DJ runs the other direction. He bounces off the ropes……he comes to the side and……suicide dive right on Journey!!!!!! The crowd is going crazy. DJ gets up, but Journey is right behind him in action. Both are standing. Just then, Rey climbs the corner. He has his back toward them. He jumps…..GOOD GOD….moonsault on both of them. All 3 are lying on the ground.

Jim: “What a move from the little shrimp!”

Rey gets up and then gets Journey up. He grabs him and WHIPS him right into the steel steps….but Journey reverses it. Rey goes into the steps….but jumps on the top step…..jumps back and hits a back elbow right to Journey’s face. He falls back. Rey gets up….OH…..DJ is right there. He picks Rey up and hits a body slam.

Jim: “I guess these two aren’t going to partner up. That’s what titles do to you.”

DJ turns around and gets Journey up on his feet. He pushes him back…..resulting him to go BACK FIRST into the barricade! OH! DJ walks over and looks under the ring and finds a chair. He goes over to Journey, throws it to him, Journey catches and……GOOD GOD…..DJ hits a spinning heel kick…..SMACKING the chair right into Journey’s head. Journey falls and the chair goes flying. DJ gets up……BUT…..Rey runs to him, jumps on the apron, jumps over to DJ and does a flying cross body right on DJ!!!!! DJ falls on his back. Rey gets up and the crowd roars. Rey walks over to Journey and throws him in the ring. Rey slides in. He grabs Journey and throws him in the ropes…..but Journey reverses it. Rey come back and…..OH….tilt-a-whirl backbreaker right on Journey!!! Journey covers: 1-2-OH! Journey gets Rey up….but Rey grabs his head and drops it down for a chinbreaker. Journey bounces up. Rey jumps to his head and……what a quick hurricanrona! Journey goes flying throat first onto the middle rope. Rey runs to him…..219 (619)……BUT, BUT, BUT…..Journey grabs the legs of Rey. He brings him out to the center of the ring…..rearranges his legs…..hitting…..OH, WHAT A SPINEBUSTER! Journey covers: 1-2-REY KICKED OUT!
DJ is looking under the ring and grabbed a table. He sets it up on the outside. DJ gets to the apron. Just then, Journey goes over to DJ…..but DJ hit him with a shoulder block right into his gut. Journey bends over. DJ sets up a suplex. He lifts him……GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY……HE’S GOING THROUGH THE TABLE……BUT, BUT, BUT….Journey gets back to his feet. He quickly knees DJ in the gut. He does another knee and DJ bends over. Journey jumps over the top rope, over him…..lands on the floor as he has his arms locked around DJ…….OH NO……GOOD GOD……sunset flip powerbomb……FROM JOURNEY….ON DJ…..BUT, BUT, BUT…..DJ kicks his foot behind him. He hits Journey right in the back of the head. Journey goes forward, turns around and leans on the table. DJ turns around….jumps…..flying crossbody……ON JOURNEY…..CRACKING, SMASHING, AND BREAKING THE TABLE!!

Jim: “OH, OH, OH, OH…….YOU SEE THAT? What a move…..WHAT A MOVE! DJ countered Journey’s move and then jumped on him when he his torso was on the ladder.”

The crowd is stunned. DJ gets up and grabs a chair nearby. He jumps on the apron and then jumps on the top rope. Rey is still lying on the mat. DJ jumps with the chair in hand…..FROG SPLASH…..on the chair…..ON REY!!!! DJ pushes the chair away and covers: 1-2-3! Winner and STILL Tough Enough Champ: DJ the Icon

Jim: “How funny is that? HOW FUNNY IS THAT???? Rey is such a loser! HE’S AN IDIOT! He’s a dweeb! He can’t defend himself….he can’t win titles for himself……he’s a dumb little kiddie! Journey had the match won, but DJ pinned the weak…..he attacked the weak…..he kept his title!” The ref comes over and gives DJ the title. He grabs it and raises it in the air. The crowd goes wild….they go insane……they loved him winning.

The camera goes back to Blazin Snake, Cody, and Jeff Hardy who are all with Ultimate Warrior.

Warrior: “I am here with the 3 stars that are prepared to make a stand against Sociest. Now we know Sociest is bigger than just 3 people, but once you attack and get one down, others fall quick.”

Snake: “You see, when I came to OWC, I was with nobody and get everybody. There wasn’t anyone on my side. I thought I was helpless…..and that’s why I wanted to go to War. But then it changed. Light was shed. I saw others who were struggling with Sociest just like I was. I knew if we worked together, we can take it down. That’s what we are going to accomplish tonight. I got Jeff and Cody on my side!”

Cody: “I, at one time, was with Sociest. That was one of the worst choices I ever did. I am not against them. But I got to say, being with them in that short amount of time….well, it helped me so much. I know their secrets. I know their strength and weakness. Taking them down tonight will be a lot easier. And I can’t deny….it’s going to be fun. Sociest, after tonight, will be no more!” The camera cuts to the ring.

2. Blazin Snake, Jeff Hardy, and Cody vs. JYP (Champ), Rockergirl, and Toolman

Rockergirl, Toolman, and JYP come out to the stage first. JYP has the National Title around his waist. Rocker and Tool walk down the ramp and get in the ring with him. The crowd doesn’t like any of them. They are booing and insulting.

Jim: “Even though JYP jumped on all of the Sociest members this past week on OWC…..we all know the others moved out of the way as they saw him. So really, JYP wasn’t aiming for Sociest….hence why he is still on the team. Better watch out JYP, that was a close one.”

After all 3 are situated, Snake, Jeff, and Cody come on stage. The crowd jumps up and goes wild. They have a focused and determined look on their faces. They get to the ring, look at each other, and then look at the crowd. All of them are waving their arms and screaming non-stop. They then look back at each other and…..slide in the ring.

All 6 stars are on their feet. The bell rings and it’s all out war. Snake is fighting against Rocker, Jeff is going against JYP, and Cody is attacking Tool. Everyone punches back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. Suddenly Snake gets more shots in than Rocker. He continues to attack her as she backs up each time…..and finally hits her with a closeline and she goes over the top rope to the floor. Jeff hits JYP back more and more…..and goes for a closeline….but JYP ducked. Both turn around to face each other….but Snake comes behind JYP, grabs him and tosses him over the ropes. Finally, Snake and Jeff go over to Tool, double kick him in the gut and hit a double suplex. It results in him rolling out of the ring. All 3 non Sociest members are in the ring. All 3 Sociest members are outside looking a little panicky. The ref then tells the non members to get out. Jeff is the only one in the ring now. JYP gets in after him. Both pace around the ring and then suddenly tie up. They push each other back and forth….but JYP knees Jeff right in the gut. He then goes behind him, lifts him up and hits a back suplex. JYP covers: 1-2-NO! JYP gets Jeff up and whips him n the corner. Jeff runs to the corner, BUT runs up the corner and….Whisper in the Wind! Jeff covers: 1-2-AH! Jeff gets JYP up….but JYP lifts Jeff up and hits an atomic drop. He goes back and bounces off the ropes, comes forward and hits a jumping, spinning closeline! JYP gets up, but Jeff gets up just as quick. They go to each other, but Jeff kicks JYP in the gut and whips him in the corner….but JYP runs up it this time…..Whisper in the Wind!!!!! Now JYP covers: 1-2-OH! JYP gets Jeff up….but not for long….grabs his head, yells, and….TWIST OF FATE…..but Jeff pushes JYP forward. He bounces off the ropes. He comes forward. Jeff hits him with a wicked spinning heel kick! Jeff gets up and runs to the corner. He gets on the top rope. Jumps….SWANTON BOMB…..BUT, BUT, BUT…..JYP puts his knees up and Jeff crashed and burned. JYP gets up and…..TAG: Toolman.

Toolman runs in and pounds right on Jeff. He kicks him, knees him, punches him, headbutts him, and elbows him. It makes Jeff look like a pancake in the middle of the ring. Tool gets him up, goes behind him, locks his arms, and…..german suplex! Tool pops his hips and gets up. He sends him back…..german suplex! He pops his hips again. He gets up and then sends him back…..german suplex! 3 german suplexes! Tool gets on his feet and goes up to the top rope. He has his back to the ring. He jumps……MOONSAULT…..BUT, BUT, BUT….Jeff moved out of the way! Tool got all of the canvas. Jeff gets up, jumps to his corner and….TAG: Cody.

Cody gets in and gets Tool up…..but he does a hiptoss. Tool gets up again, but Cody does another hiptoss. Tool gets up one more time, but Cody kicks him in the gut. He lifts him up on his shoulders……POWERBOMB…..but Tool slid behind Cody and landed on his feet. Cody turns around…..GOOD GOD…..Pump Kick! BUT, BUT, BUT…..Cody grabbed Tool’s leg right before he hit him. He puts his leg down, takes a step forward and grabs him by the throat. Lifts him up and……OH…..chokeslam! Cody covers: 1-2-AHHHH! Cody quickly gets Toolman up again. He kicks him in the gut. He lifts him up….POWERBOMB…..BUT….AGAIN….Tool slides out of it. Both turn to face each other…..OUT OF NOWHERE…..Pump Kick!!!!! He hit it this time! Tool covers: 1-2-NOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Tool can’t believe it. He gets to his feet and looks at his corner. He then goes over as Rocker is yelling. “If you can’t finish the job…..I will,” said Rocker! She reaches in and TAGS herself in. She gets in as Tool just stares at her. She turns to face the ring…..but she didn’t know…..Cody had enough strength to…..TAG: Snake!

Snake runs to her and closelines her to the ground. She gets up but he closelines him again. She gets up one more time, but he kicks her in the gut….Blazin Snap (Snap DDT)…….but she twists out of it. She tries for a closeline on him…..but he ducks. He then runs to Sociest’s corner and knocks JYP off the corner. He turns around…..only to have Rocker running at him. He lifts her up……having her head…..BAM….bounce right off the top corner! Tool slaps her on the back: TAG! Tool gets in. Snake tries for a kick in the gut…..but Tool grabbed his leg and spun him around. Snake faced Tool after the spin….BUT, BUT, BUT…..Tool kicks Snake in the gut….lifts him up…..The Screw Driver (Tiger Driver)!!!!! Tool goes to cover but Cody and Jeff come in the ring…..BUT Rocker and JYP slide in and……BAM, BAM…..knock both of them down. Tool covers: 1-2-3!!!!! Winners: Toolman, Rockergirl, and JYP

Jim: “OH yeah…..YOU SEE THAT? YOU SEE THAT? Sociest won…..SOCIEST WON! They got a wild victory! Well actually, that isn’t surprising at all as we all know how great Sociest is! Well now it’s time to shift gears. As these 6 stars leave the place, staff have to set up the weapons as the OWC Tag Team Title Match is next! It’s TLC with two of the biggest tag teams in OWC history! Let’s take you back to how all of this got started and the history of these two tag teams.”

A video package is played that shows the history between King of the Dead and Skitzo and Dead Silence and Karnage. It shows their rise to the top of the division and then the feud between each time. It all comes down to this.

3. Dark Plague (Champs) vs. Xtreme Insanity in a TLC Match for the OWC Tag Titles- Loser Team Disbands

Skitzo and King of the Dead’s music comes on first. They come on stage and the crowd goes nuts. They pose at all parts of the stage as fireworks fly behind them. They come down the ramp and slide in the ring. Dark Plague, Karnage and Dead Silence, come on stage and walk down the ramp. They are walking in a slow, disturbing way. The crowd boos them. They take off their titles as they enter the ring. All 4 are in the ring. The bell sounds.

As soon as it rings, all 4 leave the ring. Skitzo grabs a ladder from ringside and slides it in the ring. King grabs a chair and gets in the ring. Dead grabs a chair too and gets in the ring. Karnage grabs a table and sets it up outside. King and Dead go to each other and…..SWING…..both swing the chairs and the chairs hit against each other. Both bring it back and then forward again…..BUT King brings it forward faster and SMACKS Dead right across the head with it. He falls to the mat. Karnage walks over to Skitzo and kicks him in the gut. He SMASHES his head onto the barricade. Karnage then drags Skitzo over to the table……but Skitzo elbows Karnage in the gut, quickly grabs a chair that is by and SMASHES hit right in the gut of Karnage. He then raises it up and HITS it over his back. As that happened, King grabs the ladder in the ring and sets it up. He starts to climb……but Dead is up and pulls King down. He throws King in the ropes……he comes back and Dead side steps and has King go…..FACE FIRST into the ladder! King falls down, the ladder falls down. King slowly gets on his feet and turns around…..BUT Dead has a chair in hand and WHACKS it right on top of King’s head. Dead sets up the ladder. Skitzo gets Karnage to his feet…..but Karnage knees Skitzo in the gut, grabs him by the throat…..lifts him up and….OH NO…..GOOD GOD…..chokeslam on Skitzo THROUGH the table!!!!!! He went right through the table Karnage set up. Karnage then gets in the ring and both he and Dead climb the ladder.

Jim: “Here it is…..they are going to win it and have Xtreme Insanity disband… it is!!!!”

They get higher and higher…..but SUDDENLY…..King gets to his feet. Dead and Karnage look at King with a shocked look on their faces. King pushes the ladder……AHHHHH……both go down…..Karnage going throat first onto the top rope and Dead LANDING right on the rope between his legs! King sets the ladder back up and starts to climb. King gets higher and higher. He’s almost at the top…..BUT Karnage gets to the ladder and climbs himself. He gets higher and higher. He gets to where King is at and punches him in the face. King does a punch to his face……but Karnage grabs King by the throat……..GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY……CHOKESLAM FROM THE TOP OF THE LADDER!!!!! Karnage reaches for the titles. Dead gets up and looks up. All of a sudden he walks over to the ladder and…..WAIT, WAIT, WAIT…..OH NO, OH NO, OH NO……Dead pushes the ladder over and…..Karnage goes sailing over the top rope, out of the ring and……THROUGH TWO TABLES!!!!!!!! Those tables were set up when the match started. The whole crowd is stunned. The whole crowd is shocked. Dead walks backwards and then leaves the ring. He walks up the ramp without stopping. Skitzo gets in the ring, sets the ladder up and climbs. He climbs more and more……CAN HE GET IT? He reaches up and…..GRABS THE GOLD! Winners and NEW OWC Tag Team Champs: King of the Dead and Skitzo

Jim: “Well I am certainly shocked. I am certainly amazed. Dead Silence turned against his partner….his very own partner. Well Dark Plague will never be able to team up again. I guess that shows you how great Xtreme Insanity is to TFC. Well everyone, we have two more matches left and also the exclusive interview with TFC chairman, McMahon 101. He said it’s the most revealing and controversial interview of all-time. We will hear from that after his match as it was already taped. As for now….it’s time for the OWC Title Match.” A video package plays with the history between 101, Sociest, Dixie, Eric, and Poison. Their long battle and historic moments all come down to this!

4. Poison vs. McMahon 101 (Champ) for the OWC Title in a NO DQ, NO COUNTOUT, NO Interference Match

The lights flicker and then go out. The spotlight from above shines down to the center of the ring. Just then Poison sails down from the rafters. He has his black trench coat on and black baseball bat in hand.

He puts the bat down and takes off the hooks and coat. After he is settled, McMahon 101’s theme song comes on. He comes on stage and the entire arena boos…..boos louder than ever! He walks down the ramp in a slow way. He has the OWC Title around his waist. He gets in the ring and takes it off.

The bell rings and Poison goes right after 101, but 101 quickly leaves the ring. Poison doesn’t care. He gets out of the ring too. 101 starts to run around the ring and Poison follows him. 101 slides back in and so does Poison. 101 turns and SMASHES his elbows right in the back of Poison. He gets Poison up and hits his head against the corner. He turns him around in the corner and does kicks right to the gut of Poison. He grabs him and whips him across the ring…..but Poison reverses it. 101 bounces out of the corner and….WOW….Poison closelines him to the ground. 101 gets up, but Poison whips him in the corner. He stays in the corner this time. Poison runs to him…..BIG SPLASH! He takes 101 out of the corner, gets behind him…..Scorpion Death Drop. Poison covers: 1-2-OH! Poison gets 101 up….but….UH-OH…..101 LOW BLOWS Poison. He bends over. 101 jumps up…..Fame-ASSER! Poison turns him over and covers: 1-2-NOOOOOO! 101 gets Poison up…..but Poison pushes him back……The Poison Knife (Pump Kick)…..but 101 ducked and bounces off the ropes. He comes back…..but Poison turns around…..THIS TIME….HE HITS IT…..The Poison Knife!!!! Poison covers: 1-2-NOOOOO!!!!!

Jim: “What a match….back and forth…..all top moves coming out! This is going insane!”

Poison can’t believe it. He gets 101 up…..but 101 kicks Poison in the gut…..sets up a piledriver…..but Poison does a back body drop. 101 slowly gets up as he is holding his back. Both turn and face each other. WAIT….WHAT’S THIS……..OH MY!!!! Poison blows a green substance in the air…..GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY……in the face of 101!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 101 goes down instantly as he covers his whole face…..eyes, nose, mouth!!!

Jim: “What happened? What’s that? It’s No DQ so the match is still going on! Poison said he’s going to take down 101 in a new way! That’s it!!!!”
Poison covers 101: 1-2-3! Winner and NEW OWC Champ: Poison

Jim: “NO, NO, NO, NO……AH COME ON!” The crowd has never been wilder. They jump to their feet, throw their signs in the air, throw their cups in the air….throw their food in the air. They are screaming and yelling. Poison is handed the OWC Title and fireworks explode above the ring. Poison puts the Title around his shoulder and gets out of the ring. Just then, the interview with 101 starts on the titan tron. Poison stops walking and looks up.

It’s an interview conducted by Paul Heyman. 101 and Paul are sitting in a room across from each other.

Paul: “101, you have been chosen to have the most controversial and revealing interview in TFC History. Well let’s start now. First off 101…..who do you think is the most underrated star in TFC?”

McMahon 101: “Well there’s only one person in mind. That person is my opponent tonight….Poison. I never saw a person quite like him on the forums. It’s unique and very different. He has been loyal to TFC and always wanted to help out. He has held some titles in TFC, but only held a major title once. I feel like he deserves a lot better.”

Paul: “What about the most overrated star?”

101: “Overrated? I choose not to answer that. But to give hints…..this person changed his name a couple times in TFC and was once GM. He was an OWC star and then Smackdown star and Smackdown GM. People can guess from there….but could guess it right or wrong.”

Paul: “What are your thoughts about the sponsor deals?”

101: “I know people have doubts about it and some hate it, but they aren’t the one who made TFC successful. They aren’t the one who run TFC. They aren’t the ones who made TFC the biggest online fantasy wrestling company on the web. As far as I go, I love the sponsor idea. People really just can’t see how clever it really is.”

Paul: “Who do you think is the best star of all time?”

101: “Well besides me….” 101 laughs. “I really have to say CBM. You can’t deny the impact he made. From the forums to the shows….he’s the go man. He can do everything and anything. He has won the most titles in TFC. He has been here longer than any other online star. He has also been the most loyal TFC person. When people think TFC, they think of him…..well that’s actually what I wanted to happen…..kinda.”

Paul: “What do you think about TFC’s success?”

101: “I couldn’t be happier. TFC invaded Twitter, invaded Youtube, invaded Blogspot, invaded WWE Universe… has done it all. TFC became the biggest fantasy company because of me….because of my passion and because of my time. People don’t realize how much time I spent doing TFC. People don’t really care. They just think it comes on a silver platter. I’m really wondering what they are going to think later!”

Paul: “Later? Okay. Well 101, who is the future of TFC?”

101: “The future…..not going to answer that right now.”

Paul: “Alright. Well what is in store for TFC in the future?”

101: “I’d say classic, 5 star wrestling matches. TFC is the home of wrestling. You can get great quality wrestling on any show you read. It’s truly a lost art form, but TFC has brought it back hotter than ever.”
Paul: “Alright 101. We know this whole Sociest thing… you want to take out Dixie and Eric…..can you give us any insight? Anything at all?”

101: “I brought Dixie in……I can take her out. But why just take her out? You know she will still want to come. You know she won’t leave just like that. Taking her out can be dangerous too in legal battle…..same with Eric. So you know what Paul…..that’s it!”

Paul: “That’s it?”

101: “That’s it…..TFC is it! It’s over….it’s done! This will be TFC’s last show.”

Paul: “Are you kidding me?”

101: “No joke…..for real! You see, I have been doing this for over 2 years. I have made TFC, like I said, the biggest online fantasy wrestling company on the web. I had it across so many websites. I brought in online stars…..when I made that decision; no one thought it would work. I have done it all. I became the most successful fantasy company owner. I don’t need to prove anymore. I really don’t. So why keep going while I can take it out….meaning having Dixie and Eric out? It all makes sense now. It’s that easy. OWC’s Persecution is TFC’s last show. It’s been a great ride. I would like to thank everyone for joining it and helping out. There are a FEW good people who I’ve met…..while others who are frankly annoying, disturbing, and idiotic. I heard lies, truth…..I went for rides to places and other times the ride I took went wrong. I went up and went down. I went back and forth countless times. But at the end of the day……TFC will never be forgotten. This is airing after my match….so let’s have 4ever and Casey blow the roof off of TFC!” The video ends.

5. Casey vs. 4evercmpunk (Champ) for the TFC Title

Casey comes to the ring first with her entrance music playing. She has a new video camera in her hand as CBM broke the one on OWC.

After she is in the ring, 4ever comes on stage with the TFC Title around her waist. The whole crowd is booing. They despise her. She gets in the ring and takes the title off.

The bell rings and both quickly tie up. Both are pushing back and forth….but 4ever knees Casey in the gut and then whips her in the corner. 4ever runs and hits a running knee lift. She grabs her head…..running bulldog…..but Casey pushes her forward. 4ever bounces off the ropes. She comes to Casey…..OH…..Casey spins around and hits a Pepsi Twist. She covers: 1-2-OH! Casey gets 4ever up…..but 4ever lifts Casey up…..GTS!!!!......but Casey slides behind 4ever, twirls her around…..Devil Lock DDT! Casey gets 4ever up and throws her in the ropes. Casey lifts her up as she comes back and hits a flapjack. She then runs into the ropes and hits……BAM…..a low dropkick right to the head of 4ever. She turns 4ever around and covers: 1-2-OH!!!! Casey gets 4ever up…..but 4ever pokes the eyes of Casey. She throws her in the corner…..runs and hits a running knee lift again. Casey grabs her head and this time…..HITS…..the running bulldog! 4ever covers her: 1-2-OH!!!!! 4ever waits for Casey to get up. Casey slowly gets on her hands and knees, but 4ever isn’t going to wait any longer. She grabs Casey and gets her on her feet. She does a right punch, then a left punch, a right punch again, then a spinning backhand punch……then a roundhouse kick to the side of Casey’s face…..but OH….Casey ducked. 4ever tries it again…..but Casey caught her leg……BUT BAM….4ever hits an enzigiri. Casey stumbles. 4ever gets to her feet and LIFTS Casey. She drops her down…..GTS, GTS, GTS……BUT, BUT, BUT….Casey caught the knee of 4ever! Casey then….OH NO…..lifts 4ever on her shoulders…..drops her down…..HITS HER WITH THE GTS!!!!! Casey covers: 1-2-NOOOOO! Casey gets to her feet and climbs the corner. She gets to the top. She jumps……GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY…….450 SPLASH!!!!!!........Casey hit it….SHE HIT IT! Casey covers: 1-2-AHHHHHHHH! Casey sits on the mat as she doesn’t know what else to do. She gets 4ever up…….but 4ever gets Casey up…….on her shoulders…..DROPS DOWN…….HIT IT, HIT IT…..HIT THE GTS!!!!! 4ever covers: 1-2-OHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

Jim: “Back and forth…..back and forth……no one can get it!”

4ever is getting angry. She slowly gets up and climbs the corner. She jumps…..SWANTON BOMB…….BUT, BUT, BUT….Casey moved! 4ever slowly gets up as she holds her back. Casey goes to her…..but 4ever pushes Casey back….INTO THE REF! Casey comes forward…..rake of the eyes from 4ever and then…..LOW BLOW! 4ever lifts Casey again…..GTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4ever covers and the ref slowly comes to. He crawls to the cover: 1------2------NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4ever can’t believe it. She gets up and starts to yell at the ref. She turns around and gets Casey up and does a hard right and then left punch. Another hard right hand to the face and then….roundhouse kick……Casey stumbles. 4ever tries for GTS one last time, but Casey slides behind. Both turn to face each other…..BIG BOOT from Casey and it makes 4ever lie on the mat. Casey grabs her up and drags her dead weight body to the corner. Casey climbs it and then she has 4ever in front of her. She sets up a pedigree from the top……jumps…..GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY IN HEAVEN……PEPSI PLUNGE…….4EVER LANDING HEAD FIRST ON THE MAT! Casey turns her over and covers: 1-2-3!!!!!!!! Winner and NEW TFC Champ: Casey

Jim: “I don’t care if 4ever lost…..I don’t care if her undefeated streak is over…..TFC is over! That was the last TFC match in history and it just blew me away! Everyone, I thank you for joining me here for TFC’s last show! I thank everyone for reading and thank everyone who participated. It’s been a blast! TFC has been going for over 2 years…..but now it’s time for it to go! I am Jim Cornette and this is….now was….TFC….The Fan’s Company!”