Saturday, July 24, 2010

OWC: Happy Birthday To You---& Me 7/23/10

Before anything starts, the TFC Video Theme Song plays.

Videos from last week’s OWC show begins this week’s show. It shows McMahon 101 making a history making announcement as he forms a league called Sociest to help and save TFC and the world. His first order of business is a Mass Execution as he says. Not only that, it shows Kevin and 4ever having a deadly brawl all over the arena as it ends by CM Punk picking 4ever in a car and driving away. Finally, Dixie Carter comes on the show and announces Poison vs. 101 for Persecution. As the videos end, it cuts to the OWC Arena as fireworks explode from the entrance stage.

Vince: “It’s time for OWC and it’s time to panic!”

Jim: “Huh?”

Vince: “Yeah Jim, panic. We obviously don’t know what is going to happen anymore on OWC. With 101 running wild with power, he’s just doing anything he wants. Well we will certainly here from him later on in the show, but we got action to take care of first. I’m Vince Russo and calling the action with me is Jim Cornette. We are here in Augusta, Maine with a crowd of over 17,000 fans. Let’s begin!”

1. King of the Dead w/ Skitzo vs. Dead Silence w/ Karnage in a One-on-One Match

Xtreme Insanity, King of the Dead and Skitzo, come on the entrance stage together. They pose to the crowd as fireworks explode. The crowd goes crazy for them. They move their way down the ramp and get into the ring. Skitzo goes ringside while King stays in the ring. After they are in, Dark Plague, Dead Silence and Karnage, the OWC Tag Team Champs, make their way on stage and down the ramp in a slow, menacing way. The crowd boos them as they have the OWC Tag Titles around their waist. Karnage stays out of the ring, but Dead slides in. She takes her title off and goes right to King and shoves it in his face. He stares at it. She then moves it quickly and places her face where the title was it. She does a cocky smile. King chuckles as he mocks her. WOW……he just slaps her face. She quickly steps back and gets furious. She throws her title down and the ref calls for the bell.

As soon as it rings, Dead jumps forward and pounds on King with right and lefts. He ducks down and covers his head with his arms, but that doesn’t stop Dead from pounding away. She continues too, but the ref has enough and pulls her away. She follows the refs orders, but not for long as she goes back to him. But King stands up straight and kicks Dead right in the gut. He grabs her head and steps aside and pounds her face in the corner. He turns her around in the corner and makes her lean against it. He does right fists to her head and kicks right to her gut. He goes back and forth until the ref counts to 4. He steps back, but then goes forward, grabs her and TOSSES her over his head for a huge hiptoss! Dead holds her back as she slowly gets to her feet. She turns around to him and he runs after her……but she ducks. Both turn around to face each other and……OH……she pokes him right in the eye. He bends over and steps away, but she grabs him and tosses him between the middle and top rope. He falls back and thigh first onto the ring floor. The ref checks on Dead. Karnage runs over and does a couple stomps to King. Skitzo now runs over, jumps on the barricade, runs on the narrow strip, flies and lands right on Karnage with a flying cross body. He takes Karnage off his feet. Skitzo lies there from the impact but the fans go wild. King reaches up to the apron to help him stand on his feet. He slides in, but Dead helps him get up on his feet in the ring. She throws him in the ropes. He comes back and she goes for a big boot, but he ducks. Both turn to face each other, but he grabs her by the side and……Side Effect! Both lie there in pain. King turns over though and gets back up. The crowd chants……KING, KING, KING! He goes to the corner and jumps on the second rope. He makes a pose, flies in the air……flying leg drop…..but Dead rose up and King crashed and burned! Dead leans back as King lies behind her. She is on top of him for a crazy cover: 1-2-OH!

Dead rolls over and gets up. She jumps up in the air and plants her knee right into the forehead of King. She covers again: 1-2-NO! She gets up on her feet and then gets King up, but King knees her in the gut real fast and…..OUT OF NOWHERE…..Twist of Fate! OH…..Dead landed right on her head. She bounces up and turns over landing right on her back. King gets up as the crowd pops. He climbs the corner……makes another pose……WAIT, WAIT, WAIT…..Karnage jumps on the ring apron, slightly hitting the top rope and……BOOM! King falls right down on the turnbuckle! The ref was checking on Dead. Karnage quickly gets down, but Skitzo runs over to him. Karnage doesn’t see Skitzo. Skitzo is behind Karnage, turns him around by his shoulder, kicks him in the gut……GOOD GOD….Twist of Fate on the outside!

Vince: “OH, OH, OH! A Twist of Fate on the outside! Those ring mats aren’t thick at all! Under that is solid, 100% concrete! That is going to hurt anyone!”

Dead gets back up on her feet. King gingerly gets down from the position he was it. He is taking it nice and slow. His back it toward Dead……BUT……Dead comes from behind, grabs his arms….twists and…..KILLSWITCH! King bounces in the air and turns over to his back. Dead covers: 1-Skitzo holds his head in anticipaton-3! Winner: Dead Silence

Skitzo’s arms go down in disappointment. He looks down and something clicked. He goes under the ring and grabs a steel chair. Dead gets back on her feet and raises her arms. Skitzo slides in the ring and the crowd jumps up. Dead thinks the crowd is cheering for her. She smiles and puts her arms down, but raises them again but with more energy than last time. The crowd continues to scream. She doesn’t believe it. OH!!!.......Skitzo smiled through it all, but it went away as he SMASHES the chair right in the back of Dead. She falls forward and bounces off the ropes. He puts the chair down. She comes back and turns around to him, only to be kicked in the gut……TWIST OF FATE on the chair!!!!!!!!!! Dead lies there motionless! The crowd is going nuts. Skitzo slides out of the ring and grabs a mic. He slides back in and lies on the mat right in the face of Dead.

Skitzo: “You can be violent, physical, and deadly all you want. You can use thumbtacks and barbwire, but it won’t matter! I’ve been here longer. I got more experience, more knowledge, and I been through it all. I faced in matches that you wish you could face in. My body took every single weapon that has been slammed into me and I am still here. You may call yourselves extreme……but King and I are Xtreme Insanity and we WILL be the new OWC Tag Team Champions!”


The show comes back and we see CBM alone in his locker room. He is just sitting there. All of a sudden, the door opens. He and the camera turns around and it shows Bret Hart and Earl Hebner walk in with a huge cake. Both are carrying it. They set it down on the table. The camera zooms in on it. The cake states, “Happy Birthday CBM!” CBM sees it and looks up.

Bret: “CBM, we know it’s your birthday today and we just can’t have any celebration. I mean you changed TFC history. You deserve this!”

Earl: “CBM, without you, I wouldn’t have a job here anymore. You have brightened up my career and I can’t thank you enough. So tonight, we are going to have a birthday bash!”

Bret: “First off CBM, cake!” Bret pulls out a lighter and lights the candles. There are a whole bunch of candles. He lights them all. “Make a wish CBM!” CBM looks at the cake, thinks for a brief second, and……blows them out. Bret and Earl clap. “What did you wish for?”

CBM: “I wished for a pony!”

Earl: “Really?”

CBM: “HELL NO! Do you think I am stupid?” Bret and Earl laugh.

Bret: “Well CBM, let’s cut this cake and get started!” Bret cuts a piece of the cake and gives CBM a slice. He tries it. His face lights up with joy.

CBM: “Now this is what I call a cake!” CBM continues to eat it.

Bret: “This is fun and all, but like we always say…..the more the better!” Bret points to the door and Tyson Kidd and DH Smith walk in. They wish CBM a Happy Birthday. After them, Kane and Undertaker walk in. They also wish CBM a Happy Birthday. CBM face is lighting up with this celebration. Eddie Guerrero walks in next and greets everyone with hellos but then goes to CBM and gives him a huge hug.

Eddie; “Now let’s dig in holmes!” Everyone starts talking as the camera fades out. It goes to Ultimate Warrior.

Warrior: “I am here with a man who is fighting tonight and that is non-other than Journeywolf.”

Journey: “HOLLA!”

Warrior: “Now Journey, you have been attacking DJ the Icon the past couple of weeks. You have already been TFC 24/7 Champion twice and now you it seems like you are moving on to the Tough Enough Title.”

Journey: “Yeah…..ya dig? I faced Rey and beat him…..HOLLA! I won TFC 24/7 Gold……HOLLA! Now I am facing DJ the Icon and going after Tough Enough Gold…..ya dig? I go through one by one, one at a time….HOLLA THAT! I will beat DJ tonight, then face him for title and beat him…..HOLLA IF YOU HEAR ME! I will be champion as I continue up in the OWC Rankings. OWC will have me for a long time…..HOLLA IF YOU HEAR ME…..YA DIG? HOLLA, HOLLA, HOLLA!” Journey walks away. The camera shows Warrior’s face as he gives a weird look to Journey.

2. JYP vs. Blazin Snake vs. Rey (Champ) vs. Rockergirl vs. Alec Angel in a Championship Scramble Match for the TFC 24/7 Title

JYP comes on the stage first. The crowd cheers for him. He makes his way down the ramp and slides in the ring. He jumps in the corner and he poses. After him, Blazin Snake comes in the ring. He gets in the ring as the crowd cheers him on.

Vince: “Here is how this match works. We start out with two stars. It will be JYP and Blazin Snake. Now every five minutes, a new star will join the match. After all 5 stars are out, there are only 5 minutes left in the match. The stars can pin or submit anytime during the match. The person with the last pinfall or submission in the match after 20 minutes will be the TFC 24/7 Champion!”

The match starts and JYP and Snake move around the ring. They slowly get closer to each other. Finally…..they lock-up. They push back and forth, but Snake lifts his arm up and locks it in from the side as he applies a side headlock on JYP. He wrenches his arm to make it tighter and tighter each time. JYP moves back against the ropes. He throws Snake away and he goes into the opposing side. He comes back and JYP lifts him up…..OH….flapjack! JYP gets on his feet and runs in the ropes to his right. Snake his on his hand and knees, but JYP comes and…..GOOD GOD…..low dropkick to the side of Snake’s face. It makes him fall and twist around. JYP rushes over and covers: 1-2-OH! JYP gets Snake up and whips him in the ropes…..but it’s reversed. JYP runs up the corner though….Whisper in the Wind…..but Snake moved and JYP crashed and burned. Snake goes over to JYP and stomps away…….stomp after stomp. The time is ticking. Snake gets JYP up, but not for long, as he lifts him up off the ground and hits a body slam. Snake puts his elbow out and hits his elbow right to the heart. Snake covers: 1-2-OH! Snake gets JYP up, but he grabs Snake’s head and…..drops down…..AH…..hitting a jawbreaker. Snake bounces in the air. He is still on his feet. JYP gets up and goes to kick Snake in the gut, but Snake catches JYP’s leg.

Jim: “Ah, oh…..”

JYP hops on one leg but…..twists around……OH MY…..Inverted Enzigiri! Snake flies back and bounces off the corner. He falls down in the corner after that. As he sits there, JYP runs to him, jumps on the second rope and…..sails down hitting Snake right in the chest with both of his feet. JYP rolls around and then pulls Snake out of the corner in the middle of the ring for a cover: 1-2-OH! Just then, the 5 minute mark appears on the titan tron.

Straight Edge member Rockergirl makes her way down the ramp. She walks up the steps in a slow way and walks on the apron. The crowd boos her the entire time.

JYP gets up and…..OH….goes right over to Rockergirl. He grabs her by the head and….flings her over the ropes as she lands right on her back. She holds her back as she gets up. JYP does a right hand to her face though and it makes her back up. He does another right….then another. She goes back each time. JYP runs the other way to get speed. He bounces off the ropes and runs full force at her. BUT……she bends down as he comes, lifts him up and…..GOOD GOD……back body drop over the ropes down to the floor! JYP lands flat on the ring mats. The crowd awe’s at the moment. Rocker looks behind her but then looks in front as she sees Snake slowly get up. She leans back a bit to get some little juice from the ropes…..runs forward and……OH NO……running knee lift right to the head of Snake. He falls instantly. She hurries to cover: 1-2-3! Pin: Rockergirl

Jim: “You see that? Rockergirl got the first pin! If she can stop every other pin or submission….she will be champion!”

Vince: “Yeah, like that is going to happen!”

Rocker gets up her feet and puts her arms in the air. She gloats and gloats and the crowd hates it. She looks at each side of the arena. As she turns to the announcer’s desk side, Jim starts to clap, but LOOK……JYP jumps on the apron, jumps on the top rope, and flies in the ring for……WOW…..a springboard cross body! JYP covers: 1-2-3!!! Pin: JYP!

Vince: “Haha….see?!”

JYP gets up as the 10 minute mark in the match rounds to a close. JYP looks to the stage and…..Alec Angel runs down the ramp and into the ring. The crowd pops for him.

He slides in, but JYP tries to take advantage and stomps away. Alec tries to get up but JYP doesn’t allow him. Finally he stops stomping, but he reaches down and gets Alec up. He kicks him in the gut….Twist of Fate…..but Alec pushes him away. JYP quickly turns around…..GOOD GOD……SPEAR! He speared Alec out of nowhere! Alec flips and flops from the impact. From that, he falls out of the ring. JYP gets up, turns around, but Rocker is right there. She kicks him in the gut, sets him up for a piledriver, but lifts him up…….holds his legs and…….Faithbreaker (Belly to back inverted mat slam). She turns him over and covers: 1-2-3! Pin: Rockergirl. She pushes him away and gets up……but Snake slides behind her……school boy: 1-2-3! Pin: Blazin Snake. Snake gets up and rushes to the corner. He turns around and faces the ring to see where everyone is at. Alec is getting back in the ring. Snake runs up to him though and tries for a big boot, but Alec moves out of the way. Both turn around and face each other, but Alec does a huge right hand. That right sends Snake flat on his back. He gets back up though, but Alec kicks him in the gut and throws him in the corner. Alec runs to him, but Rocker puts out her leg and it tries him. He falls flat on his face. Snake runs out of the corner, jumps up, and plants a leg drop on him. Just then, the 15 minute mark has been reached.

Music plays and the TFC 24/7 Champion makes his way on the stage. The crowd goes wild. He runs down the ramp, takes off his title, and slides in the ring. He pops up and goes right on attack. Rockergirl is his first victim. He punches and kicks her like no tomorrow. He steps to the side and kicks her thigh as hard as he can. She lifts it up as it hurts more and more. She pushes Rey back and she gingerly walks away. Rey bounces off the ropes and runs to her…..but Snake grabs him…..twirls him…..but Rey keeps on twisting and…..turns it into a DDT! Snake lands right on his head! He is out!

Vince: “There is about 4 minutes left and Snake has the last pin!”

Rey goes to cover him, but JYP grabs Rey to his feet, but lifts him off his feet…….SPINEBUSTER!

Vince: “There…he hit it!”

JYP covers: 1-2-SNAKE breaks it! He gets JYP up and….without hesitation…...Blazin Snap (Snap DDT)!!! Snake pushes him out of the ring.

Vince: “There is about 3 minutes left!”

Snake looks around to break up anything he doesn’t like. He stands there….but Rockergirl runs to him…..but he trips her and she falls right on her face. Snake hooks her leg and…..STF! He has it applied as Rocker screams in pain. The clock is ticking down. BUT……Rey jumps on Snake and it breaks the hold. Snake slowly gets up, but Rey dropkicks him from behind and Snake lands on the second rope throat first. Rey runs to him…..219 (619). Snake goes up and lands right on the mat. Rey goes to jump on the top rope, but JYP pushes himself up and….pushes Rey……OH….making him fall off the apron. JYP hurries to cover Snake. He hooks the leg: 1-2-Alecr pulls JYP off! She goes to cover…..30 SECONDS LEFT! Rey jumps on the apron and then top rope as the cover: 1-2-BIG SPLASH FROM REY! He hits it on both Alec and Snake. Rey turns Alec over and covers with 10 seconds left: 1-2-3! Pin: Rey. 7 seconds left and Rocker runs in for a cover on the motionless Snake: 1-2-REY BREAKS IT UP. 2-1 seconds…..WINNER and Still TFC 24/7 Champion: Rey

Jim: “I can’t believe this! I am telling you…..this little kiddie is going to going to end soon and it’s going to end ugly. He is just having luck and soon that luck will fail, like him, and he will never want to show his face around here again.”

Rey raises the TFC 24/7 Title high in the air as the crowd cheers. He slides out of the ring and walks his way up the ramp. After that, Rockergirl stands up and walks away. Alec slowly rolls himself out of the ring. JYP gets up and asks for a mic.

JYP: “You know….since Smackdown is DEAD, I decided to still let a memory of that continue. I was one of the rising stars on Smackdown and I am not going to have that taken away from me.” JYP slides out of the ring, looks under the ring, and lifts up a canvas bag. He gets back in the ring and takes the canvas bag off and…….it shows the National Title. “Smackdown may have died, but the National Title hasn’t. I am reinventing the title as it has risen and will be bigger than ever. Look at your National Champion….ME!”

JYP raises the belt and the crowd is split from liking and not liking it. (Commercial)

The show comes back and we see 4evercmpunk walking backstage as she meets up with Rockergirl. CM Punk is behind 4ever. They continue to walk as they reach JYP.
4ever: “Alright J. Now as you said on the TFC Forums, you want to join the Straight Edge Society.”

JYP: “That’s right. I hope you gave it some thought.”

4ever: “I have to ask you…..are you clean?”

JYP: “Clean? Of course I am clean. I wouldn’t ask to join if I wasn’t.”

4ever: “Or do you need to be saved?”

JYP: “What?”

4ever: “Well first off….you have the same move set as the stars of King of the Dead and Skitzo. Everyone knows their dirty and ugly side. Not only that, you were part of Smackdown. I don’t know how that show was run, but it was run by a drugged up addict. For all I know, he could have gave his stars anything.”

JYP: “Listen, I am not Skitzo and I am not King of the Dead. I am JYP for a reason. I don’t want to be like them. I may do the same moves as them, but that’s because I was raised as a high flier dare devil. I may be like them in the ring, but not outside. I don’t want to be like them. Come on!”

4ever: “You know J…..that’s actually something smart you said. Now you also did a smart act. You took a title from a show that is dead. You brought the National Title here. You stealing it and bringing it here was excellent. You know J……I may have mistaken you when you first came in. So JYP……you…..are Straight Edge!” JYP smiles and shakes the hand of 4ever, Rocker, and Punk. “Now if you all can excuse me…..McMahon 101 wants to meet with me. So I will be back shortly. Punk, show JYP around our world.” 4ever leaves as the camera changes to CBM’s locker room.

Bret: “Ah, that was awesome.”

CBM: “Great cake, great laughs, great stories. Thanks for the birthday party.”

Eddie: “Whoa holmes! This isn’t over yet. You got presents to unwrap.”

CBM: “Guys, you shouldn’t have!”

Eddie: “Hey, everyone’s 10th birthday is special!” Everyone laughs. Bret goes outside the locker room and pushes a cart from outside. He wheels it in. CBM takes one present and opens it. It’s an Apple I-Pod Touch.

CBM: “Well thank you.”

Earl: “That was my gift. You are one hard person to shop for.”

Eddie: “No he’s not. You will see later on why.” Eddie chuckles. The camera goes to the ring.

3. DJ the Icon (Champ) vs. Journeywolf

Journeywolf enters the arena and the whole crowd chants “You Suck, You Suck!” They boo him and boo him. He walks down the ring without a care in the world. He enters the ring and waits. After that, music plays and DJ the Icon comes on stage. The crowd chants……DJ, DJ, DJ! The Tough Enough Title is around his waist as he reaches out for the hands of the people in the crowd. He gets in the ring and hands the title to the official outside. As his back is turn, Journey runs up to him and pounds his forearm on his back. The ref rings for the bell. DJ falls forward but falls on the second rope. Journey puts his knee to DJ’s back and neck to choke him on the ropes. He takes his knee away but puts his foot on DJ’s back and then his other foot….GOOD GOD…..he’s stepping right on DJ as he is choking to death. The ref counts: 1-2-3-4 and Journey gets off of him. He gets DJ on his feet, but he RAMS his back right into the corner. Journey does several punches to DJ and then lifts him up on the top rope. Journey climbs up and sets up a superplex……but DJ stops it from happening. He does several punches to the gut of Journey and one headbutt…..and Journey falls back on the mat. DJ stands up on the top, turns around and…..split legged moonsault! He hooks the leg: 1-2-AH! DJ gets Journey up but he body slams him. DJ runs into the ropes…..runs back and does Rolling Thunder. DJ covers him again: 1-2-OH! DJ gets Journey up, but Journey pokes the eyes of DJ, knees him in the gut and throws him through the second and top rope. DJ lands flat on his back on the outside. Journey slides out of the ring. He gets DJ up and whips him right into the barricade. DJ holds his lower back, but runs forward and……closelines Journey down! The crowd pops. Journey gets back up, but DJ grabs him and THROWS him right into the ring steps…..knocking the top part right off. The crowd goes nuts. DJ gets Journey up and tosses him in the ring. DJ climbs the corner and waits up there. Journey rolls over and slowly gets to his feet. He faces the corner DJ is at as DJ flies…..missile dropkick!!!!! DJ crawls over to Journey: 1-2-FOOT ON THE ROPES! DJ thought it was over.

DJ gets Journey up again, but Journey kicks DJ in the gut, lifts him up……POWERBOMB!

Vince: “OH, that powerbomb was out of nowhere. How fast he changed the momentum.”

Journey goes to the legs of DJ grabs them and…..catapults him in the corner. DJ goes face first into the top turnbuckle. Journey gets up and faces the back of DJ as he walks backwards from the corner. Journey jumps up, grabs DJ and…..hits a horrific Back Cracker! DJ screams in agony. Journey covers him: 1-2-NO! Journey gets back up and grabs his legs again. He pulls him to the middle of the ring. He goes and……Sharpshooter…..but DJ pushes Journey back. DJ rolls behind him and quickly gets up. Journey runs to him……BUT…..OH, OH, OH…..DJ grabs Journey and quickly twists him for a scoop powerslam. He hooks the leg: 1-2-AH! DJ jumps up and hits a leg drop. He gets up, turns around, but then twists as he jumps for another leg drop. He gets up and runs to the top rope. He positions himself as the crowd chants…..DJ, DJ, DJ! He jumps…..Frog Splash……BUT, BUT, BUT, BUT….OH, OH, OH…..Journey puts his knees up and hits DJ right in the gut with them. DJ squirms around the ring like he was a snake. Journey grabs a hold of him, gets him to his feet, knees him in the gut……and PILEDRIVER! He drills DJ’s head right in the mat. He pushes him over and covers: 1-JOURNEY PUTS HIS FEET ON THE ROPES-3! Winner: Journeywolf

Vince: “NO……come on!”

Jim: “What a great win! Journey pulled it off against the Tough Enough Title. Imagine if this was
a Title Match! He would be champion!” Journey rolls out of the ring quickly and poses to the fans. They boo him even more than they did when he came out to the ring. He walks past them saying “HOLLA” to them. The camera changes to Casey who is with alone backstage.

Casey: “You see this picture? Well this is what I am seeing. I went out and got my own personal video camera. I paid for it, I looked for it, it’s all mine. I have been through Smackdown for almost a year. Well now that I am on OWC, stuff is going to change. I enjoyed rising up to the top on Smackdown, but now that I am raising to the top on OWC, I want to market it. I want to enjoy it and remember it. So I will be filming myself and bringing me to you in a whole new way. No one else has done this. So you will see through my eyes. I hope you enjoy the ride. I faced TY last week and won……was suppose to face Poison though. But I am facing Kevin tonight. We aren’t strangers. We have been in the ring before. Like Dixie Carter said, it’s an old rivalry coming back. Tonight will be a classic match and I will win like I won last week. I will keep on winning and moving my way up. I just hope the main event stars can handle me.” The camera changes to Ultimate Warrior in the back.

Warrior: “I am here with Kevin who is facing Casey next. Now we heard from Casey, but let’s here from Kevin.”

Kevin: “Warrior…..Casey is not my focus. Yes, she is my focus tonight but she is not my focus in the long run……not after tonight. I am still after 4ever…..still after that TFC Title. You see, I been wanting that title and I always came close….but never got it. I want it….I need it…..I am going to get it. 4ever and I had a huge brawl last week but she chickened out and sped away in a car that CM Punk was driving. Now if she was truly champion, she would have faced me until either one of us died. I didn’t give up……I didn’t leave….but she did….and yet….we are still breathing. So Casey, you are just a speed bump in my path to 4ever. I will slow down…..maybe…..but I will go right over you and continue my way.” Lita steps into the camera shot and Kevin grabs her around her waist. They get closer and start kissing. They move their hands all around each other. Warrior eyes get wide open and slowly moves back. (Commercial)

The show comes back and we see 4ever walking backstage. She gets to a door and stops. The camera shows its McMahon 101’s office. She knocks on the door, opens it, and walks in. 101 is sitting behind his desk. Vickie is sitting right beside him.

101: “4ever, please sit down here.” 4ever closes the door and sits down in front of 101’s desk.

4ever: “101….what is this about? Didn’t the same thing happened a couple weeks ago about Draft Roulette?”

101: “4ever, that was then, this is now. It’s different. First off, I would like to say thank you for getting OWC two draft picks. With that happening, OWC came out victories with the best draft picks this year. Now the reason why I wanted to talk to you is about Sociest.”

4ever: “101, I really don’t get this. Let me tell you. We never saw things eye to eye, but we put that aside at Draft Roulette. We went our separate ways after that, but now you want to talk again. I know Sociest and I spoke my mind about it on the TFC Forums. I am part of Straight Edge Society and that’s growing more and more.”

101: “But you see 4ever, Sociest is not like SES. SES is like a stable, group, or faction if you want to call it. Sociest is not. There is no wrestling term for it. It’s a league if you want to call it something. It’s a way to live your life. It’s a form of believing. Think about it like a party in the political world. Think of it like a National Socialist party. Sociest is formed to make things right……to fix things up… make things better. 4ever…..I had you come here because I wanted to see your thought of Sociest and SES joining up.”

4ever: “Joining? What do you mean joining?”

101: “Joining! We join forces. Sociest members will be part of SES…..SES members will be part of Soceist. Listen, Sociest members are clean and that’s what SES is looking for.”

4ever: “What’s in it for me though? If I want to do anything, it needs to help me.”

101: “4ever……what are you about?”

4ever: “What am I about? What kind of question is that? I’m about saving people….about making people better…..about proving how great I am.”

101: “Excellent! You see 4ever….you joining Sociest will give you anything you want in life. You want money… get money. You want fame….you get fame. You want royalty, you will get it. You want exposure….you will get it. Anything you want, you will get. You will be one of the top ranked officials in Sociest. Of course I am Ambassador as I formed it. Vickie is Ambassador-at-Large and you, 4ever, will be our Minister. Really 4ever, you can’t lose with this unification.”

4ever: “Well what would happen if I don’t join?”

101: “You don’t join and you will be part of our Mass Execution. You saw what I did to Smackdown. I took the show down and took the Smackdown stars down with it. Besides that….we both have a grudge on the disgusting Dixie Carter. You can’t deny we have to take her out. My Mass Execution is not done at all.”

4ever: “Well I never had a doubt not to join. 101, Vickie… got yourself a deal!” 4ever stands up and reaches across the desk for a handshake. 101 shakes her hand and then she shakes Vickie’s. 4ever walks out.

101: “You see Vickie….that’s how you do business. Dixie can’t do the stuff I do. She thinks she can and is trying to, but she is failing!” Vickie and 101 both laugh in a sinister, demonic way as the camera changes to the ring.

4. Kevin w/ Lita vs. Casey

Kevin comes on stage as his music plays. He has Lita by his side. The crowd goes crazy for them too. They walk down the ramp in unison.

They get to the end of the ramp and Kevin spins Lita around. She walks away to be at ringside as he slides in the ring. He goes to the corner and poses.

Casey now comes on stage and the whole arena lights up. They are going crazier for her than Kevin. She high fives the people in the crowd as she walks down the ramp. Her camera is in her other hand. She puts it at the edge of the ring as she gets in.
Both stars face each other as the match begins.

Both walk up to each other and go right in the face of one another. They exchange words to each other but no one can tell quite what they are saying. Kevin chuckles a bit and then talks more. Casey rolls her eyes. Kevin becomes a bit mad. Casey smirks and……SLAPS Kevin right across the face. He stumbles from the impact. He turns back to her, but she kicks him in the gut, grabs him by his head and plants him in the corner. She kicks him in the gut several times and then does a knife edge chop to his chest. The whole crowd……WOOOOOOO’s! Kevin takes a couple of those, but grabs Casey and reverses the way they are. She is now in the corner and he kicks her in the gut. He punches her in the head and then does a knife edge chop that…..seemed louder than hers. The crowd WOOOOO’ed again. Kevin grabs her and throws her across the ring in the other corner. She hits it hard and comes out of the corner. Kevin runs to her for a closeline, but she ducks. They turn to face each other….only to have Kevin meet a right fist of Casey’s. He holds his face in pain as she grabs him and throws him in the ropes. He comes back and she goes for a back body drop, but he kicks her right in the chest. She bounces up from the impact. Kevin quickly hits her with a closeline and she falls. She gets up though, but Kevin hits her with another closeline. She gets up again though, but this time Kevin runs as he yells……”AHHHH” and……OH MY……hits her right in the head with a big boot! She falls down. Kevin gets down and covers: 1-2-OH! He gets her up, but she lifts him up and hits an atomic drop. He steps back but only to have Casey jump up and hit Kevin with a perfect dropkick. Kevin falls flat on his back. Casey gets up…..raises her arm and…..GOOD GOD…..Standing Shooting Star Press cover: 1-2-3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NO, NO, NO…..ONLY 2! It was only 2! She gets Kevin back up, but Kevin lifts her up and…..hits her with a sick backbreaker. She lies there holding her lower back as it’s in pain. Kevin hooks the leg: 1-2-AH! Kevin rolls over and slowly gets up. Casey does too. Kevin hits her with a right hand…..but she comes back with a right. He hits her with a right again…..but she knees him in the gut and throws him in the ropes. He comes back and…..Tilt-a-whirl backbreaker!

Vince: “OH, she did a backbreaker on him now but she did it perfectly and better!”
She cover: 1-2-OH! She gets him up and throws him in the corner. She walks over to him and gets up to the top rope. She grabs him from below and lifts him up. She makes him bend over and she hooks his arms.

Vince: “She could be going for the Pepsi Plunge! This move is just devastating!”

She is about to jump, but Kevin fights her off. He gets control of both of his arms and straightens up. He punches her in the face and then does a huge headbutt. He goes for a SUPERPLEX…..but Casey punches Kevin in the gut. He tries to go for it again, but she pushes him to the right……GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY……He goes sailing n the air… the outside……FACE FIRST into the barricade! He bounces straight up and falls down. He holds his face in terrible pain. Lita runs over to him to check on him. She helps him get to his feet…..but Casey stands up on the top and……SAILS…….OH MY…..OH NO…..GOOD GOD…..Kevin moves at the last second and Casey hits her face right into the barricade. She bounces up, but before she falls, Kevin grabs her and twists her around to the ring. He stumbles around outside to try to get the feeling back into his body. He then slides in as Lita watches on. Kevin gets to his feet and slowly walks to a corner. He turns around and…..squats down. Casey is moving back and forth. She reaches up and grabs the ropes. She uses them to help her get up. She is on her feet and Kevin turns around…..SPEAR, SPEAR, SPEAR, SPEAR, SPEAR………WAIT…..BUT, BUT, BUT….Casey grabs Kevin’s arm as she side stepped…..spins and twists him around……Devil Lock DDT!!!!!! Kevin’s head just hit full canvas. He almost in a ball from the momentum of that move. Casey turns him over and covers: 1-2-OHHHHH! Casey can’t believe it. He gets Kevin up and his legs are wobbly from landing right on his head. She twists around for……GOOD GOD……Pepsi Twist! She covers him: 1-2-3! Winner: Casey

Vince: “What a great match! Casey pulled out everything and that made her victorious here tonight.”

Casey goes to the corner of the ring and poses to the crowd. Just then, 4ever runs down the ramp and slides in the ring. She unhooks the TFC Title from her waist. She stomps away on Kevin. Stomp after stomp, kick after kick…..she goes at it. She then jumps down on him and punches him right in the head with left and rights. Casey turns around and sees all of this happening. She slowly walks over to the scene. 4ever looks up and sees Casey. She gets to her feet. 4ever says….. “You don’t mess with me…..I won’t mess with you….go it?” Casey nods, turns and walks away. 4ever stands there…..but not for long as she runs to Casey. Casey turns around…..grabbing 4ever as she runs to her and…..Devil Lock DDT ON THE TFC CHAMPION! Casey gets up as 4ever is lying there and the crowd goes insane. They are jumping and screaming. They couldn’t be happier. Casey smiles to them and walks off. The camera changes to CBM’s locker room.

Eddie: “Alright CBM… is your last gift. It’s from me. Hope you like it.” Eddie hands it to

CBM. CBM unwraps it. He opens the plain box and looks inside. His eyes bulge out. CBM slowly puts his hand in the box and then lifts the item out of it. “CBM, I don’t know if you could use it or not, as yours might be fine….but it’s an Enlarger! You know…..something to make men larger. Yeah, just stick it down there holmes and pump it up.” Everyone starts to laugh including CBM.

CBM: “Oh Eddie……I should have known you would do something like this.” Eddie laughs. “Well that was great. Spending my birthday with my greatest friends…..AAA members! Loved it all. And Eddie…..I’m going to keep it….just in case!” CBM, Eddie, and everyone else laughs. Just then 101 walks in the room.

101: “CBM, I would like to say Happy Birthday to you! Now I know you are having your own celebration here and you might think the gifts are over, but they aren’t. You see, I have you a gift tonight. Since you are CBM… of the best of all-time…..I want you to face off against stars that you deserve to face off with. Now all I am saying…..get to that ring as your match is next! Happy Birthday to you.....and me!” 101 walks away. Everyone is silent. CBM isn’t too happy about this. (Commercial)

The show comes back and we see Dixie Carter behind her desk. Eric Bischoff is beside her.

Dixie: “After watching the actions that just occurred out there……Eric and I came to the decision. It’s going to be 4evercmpunk, at Persecution, for the TFC Title, against both Casey and Kevin in a Triple Threat Match!” Eric and Dixie smile as the crowd goes crazy. The camera starts to flicker and then fade to black. After that….it turns to white….a blinding white. It turns black again and a small area turns white…..a little circle. Out of that circle…..a head pops up……POISON’S!

Poison: “101 is like this picture! He is filled with nothing but black hatred. He is empty. He has no soul…..he has no heart. He is nothing……except a little white part. He cares about one little white circle……which surrounds a much bigger thing……a thing named Poison! 101 could care less about others….could care less about TFC……but he does care about me. If he didn’t care about me….he wouldn’t have sent me to jail…..he wouldn’t have put a restraining order on me. Wrong move 101! You do care and you will care a lot more once I attack and beat you and get that OWC Title. You will care a whole lot more. That black empty space in you will be filled up…..filled up with me as you won’t be able to live without thinking, dreaming, breathing, smelling, looking, eating, or drinking something about Poison!” The whole screen goes black and then turns to the ring.

First CBM comes to the ring. He still doesn’t have his entrance music or affects. The crowd is his entrance theme though as they boo him at a consistent rate. He gets in the ring and waits. After him….music plays and…….OH NO!!!!!! OH LOOK!

The stars of Cody, Toolman, Mason Taylor, and Ssj5vin come on stage. They walk down the ring in unison. The crowd is stunned and so is CBM. NO one can believe it.
Jim: “Everyone, I am getting word of how this match is going to go. This is going to be an Over-The-Top-Rope Match. CBM vs. Ssj5vin, Cody, Toolman, and Mason. CBM has to throw all of them out of the ring to win, but they only have to throw CBM out to win.”
Vince: “What a birthday gift this is……nothing better in my opinion…..NOT!”

5. CBM vs. Ssj5vin, Cody, Toolman, and Mason Taylor in an Over-The-Top-Rope Match

The bell rings and all 4 men go on and attack CBM. They punch him, slap him, chop him, kick him, headbutt him…..everything they can think of, they do. But CBM pushes Cody away and then turns and nails Mason in the head with a right which makes him fall. Cody comes back but CBM pokes his eyes. Ss kicks CBM, but CBM does a knife edge chop to his chest and he backs up. Toolman, BAM…..does a headbutt…..but CBM pushes him back and….BIG BOOT to Toolman’s face. He falls down. Mason runs to CBM, but CBM bends over and…..BACK BODY DROP over the top rope! Elimination: Mason.

Ss grabs CBM, picks him up and body slams him to the ground. Cody jumps up to the second rope….flies and does a flying legdrop. Toolman grabs CBM’s legs and Ss grabs his head. Cody grabs his chest and they lift him up. They carry him to the side of the ring and lift him up more so he clears the ropes. OH NO…..CBM is going to be thrown out……BUT….CBM squirms around and they can’t handle him. He lifts his leg and kicks Toolman in the face and he backs up dropping his legs. CBM lands on his feet, turns around and nails Ss right in the face. He falls down. Cody, who is at CBM’s side, gets grabbed by the head and……THROWN over the ropes. Elimination: Cody!

Toolman gets up and CBM runs to him……SPEAR, SPEAR, SPEAR, SPEAR……but Tool puts his knee up and hits CBM right in the face. CBM stumbles, but turns and Ss is up. Runs to Ss and…..SPEAR, SPEAR, SPEAR, SPEAR, SPEAR!!!!!!! Toolman is astonished. CBM gets Ss up and throws him out. He turns to Tool. CBM runs to Tool, but Tool runs to CBM…..Toolman jumps in the air, but CBM catches him and…..SPINEBUSTER!!!!!! CBM gets Toolman up……lifts him up to the top rope and……GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY…..pushes him off the top rope and Tool falls to his side….hitting his back against the apron and falling to the floor. Elimination: Toolman. Winner: CBM

Vince: “What a match….what a gift!”

Jim: “You know, I think 101 wanted to do something special for CBM and he sure did. CBM beat 4 stars in one night….in one match…..CBM is getting back to where he has to be.” Just then, 101 appears on the titan tron.

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