Saturday, July 17, 2010

OWC: World Leader 7/16/10

As soon as OWC airs, it starts with McMahon 101 on the titan tron. A spotlight is on him. He is behind a podium with a black screen behind him.

McMahon 101: “Hello! This is OWC and I am McMahon 101! I am here to make a ground breaking announcement. Not only that, I am going to give you my thoughts about the current style of this world! We have seen this world turn into shambles! We see wars being battled; United States of America has two going on! We see country after country going in a recession. Places all around the world are going in debt. Is this the world we want to live in? If this is now….what could it be like in the next 3, 5, 7, 10 years? No one would know for sure, but I can say it’s only going to get worse. No one does anything for anybody. High authorities only care about money than the issues! That is why I am here! You see, I am tired of this world falling apart. With my success, I can make everything better. I can be the medicine for this sick world. I can be the sleep for the insomnia! I can be the liquid of the dehydrated! I brought TFC up! Had it at nothing and turned it to something! I worked and worked and worked! Brought people in, made shows that hundreds of people see, created OWC, and made the fantasy wrestling style worth something! I have done more than the politics that run countries…..than presidents that rule nations! If they aren’t going to do anything about this world…..I am! If they are just going to sit and watch their countries lose money and lose respect of others…..that’s fine, but I’ll run right over them as they are sitting! I can make this world rich again! I can create jobs! I can stop wars. Offer a peace treaty and get everyone to sign! Create different forms of policies for different people! I can and will be the fix! I’ll make countries rich with millions of dollars….if not billions! I am the solution to this broken world. Follow Sociest! I’m coming for it all as I will fix one country at a time!” 101 raises his fist up and it cuts to a picture and then commercial!

Vince: “We are back on OWC and I am just stunned! Did I hear that correctly? Did McMahon 101 say he is going to do whatever he can to fix this world and make it right? Is he really trying to do something that is so ridiculous?”

Jim: “Well you are Vince Russo and your middle name is ridiculous! I agree with 101! The world is in such bad shape right now! From wars and recessions and debt……101 said he can fix it! He knows what he is talking about! HELL, he made TFC into something from nothing! It’s the biggest online fantasy wrestling group on the web! He can do anything! He’s OWC Champion and undefeated as an active wrestler! 101 can do it all! I want to hear more from him though. I’m Jim Cornette and it’s another edition of OWC! We are coming from Atlanta Georgia! TFC had its 2010 Live draft this past week and OWC got the win this year! OWC picked up two champions from Smackdown, Casey and JYP, but also Sting, and former War star, Blazin Snake. This is going to be a crazy and wild show….so let’s get to it!"

1. Rockergirl vs. Alec Angel

Vince: “We saw this match last week and we saw a huge upset last week as Rockergirl got beat by the debuting Alec Angel. She demanded a rematch and 101 gladly gave it to her.”

Jim: “Let’s see her kick this new star’s brain all over this arena!”
Rockergirl comes down the ring as she has CM Punk by her side. The crowd boos her. She gets in the ring and Punk stands at ringside.

Alec Angel comes on stage and the crowd roars with excitement. He walks down the ramp and slides in the ring.

Vince: “The crowd just loves this guy after beating one of the Straight Edge stars like week. Now he is going against her this week.”

Jim: “And I hope he gets what he deserves……a huge beat down!”

The bell rings and both move around the ring. They go to tie up, but Rocker knees him right in the gut.

Vince: “Yes! A quick sneak move and the rest is history!”

Rocker grabs his head with her left hand and PUNCHES him with her right hand on the top of his head. He flings back from the impact. Rocker runs to him, but he lifts her up by the arm and does a hiptoss! She holds her back, but gets to her feet. Alec, WOW, hits a great dropkick! She falls back…..HITTING her back, neck, and head right in the corner as she sits down. Angel runs to her, jumps on the second rope, flies back and…..GOOD GOD…..hits her in the chest with both of his feet as he falls on his back! He rolls back, pulls her out of the corner and covers: 1-2-OH! He gets her up, but she pushes him back. He comes back over, but she kicks him in the gut. She grabs his head as he is bent over and……SLAMS it to the mat!

Vince: “Did you see that? She probably rearranged his face from that!”

She turns him over and covers: 1-2-NO! She gets him back up and throws him in the ropes. He comes back, she lifts him up and hits a…….BAM…..spinebuster!!!! She covers him again: 1-2-ONLY 2!!!!!!!

Vince: “She is doing everything she can but he is not staying down!”

She gets him up, knees him in the gut and puts him in position for a piledriver. BUT, she lifts up his legs and holds them as they are around her head. She tries to put her legs over his arms…..but he is fighting her. She drops his legs down and……he flips her over and hits a back body drop! She slowly gets up as he turns around. She stands on her feet and……OH MY…….he hits One Wing!.......his signature round house kick! She stumbles and then falls back! He goes down and hooks her leg: 1-2-OHHHHHH! He gets up and climbs the corner. He jumps……GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY…….450 SPLASH…….BUT, BUT, BUT, BUT, BUT……Rocker rolled out of harm’s way and he crashed and burned. OH…..he holds his gut from the miss as he tries to get up. She quickly crawls behind him and……school boy: 1-2-PUTS HER FEET ON THE ROPES-3!!!! Winner: Rockergirl

Vince: “OH come on! She has to cheat! She just had to do that and ruin a great match! Seeing that…..she really can’t beat this guy!”

Jim: “What are you talking about? She got the 1-2-3…..she got the win! She beat this guy! He failed and she capitalized! Rockergirl showed this guy and everyone!”

Vince: “Yeah, showed that she’s a cheater!” She slides out of the ring and meets CM Punk who is at ringside. He raises her arm in victory as both walk away from the ring. Alec gets to his feet, still holding his gut, but is confused on what just happened.” (Commercial)

The show comes back and we see Laci talking to Dixie Carter in Dixie’s office. She is sitting in a chair behind her desk while Laci is in front of her desk.

Laci: “Dixie, I would just like to say thank you for bailing Poison out last week.”

Dixie: “That is the least I could do. You sponsoring TFC is amazing. I know you two are good friends, well, more than good friends, and I just didn’t want anything bad to happen with the sponsoring us.”

Laci: “Thanks again Dixie. It means so much.”

Dixie: “Now I am not sure where Poison is, but can you tell him not to do anything that he might regret to 101. I am in some heat with 101 and I don’t want to be in anymore.” Laci nods and walks out of her office. The camera goes to the ring.

2. CBM: King of Defiance vs. TVP

Vince: “CBM defeated Alex Law from Smackdown last week and now he is going against TVP. He stated a couple weeks ago that he is going to do something no one has ever done before. He is going through ALL the talent…..from low cards to mid-cards to champions to main eventers. He said if he can’t get to the top and get all the titles on OWC by the end of October, he will leave TFC! It’s quite a hard act to perform, but he is determined!”

Vince: “Don’t forget he beat Bryant at Draft Roulette to give OWC a draft pick!”
CBM comes on stage with no music and no effects. The crowd boos him as he walks to the ring. He has no entrance gear on. He comes down the ramp and walks up the ring steps.

After he is in the ring, TVP comes on stage. The crowd also boos. He is on the stage with a mic in his hand.

TVP: “I am back on OWC after taking last week off. I am here to face and BEAT CBM! This is my first opportunity to face CBM and I am not going to blow it! So people….sit back, kick your feet up and watch me make history! Don’t change that dial at home! Turn the volume up and hear my impact! Don’t change that change as this will be priceless! I am TVP…..TeleVision Priceless!” He drops the mic and walks to the ring as the fans still boo him.

The match begins and CBM runs right to TVP for a big boot, but TVP ducks. Both turn around to each other and……TVP SLAPS CBM’s face! The crowd roars!

Vince: “Did you hear that? These fans just roared from that! They may not like TVP, but they liked what he did!”

CBM holds his face as it turns red. He turns his head to face TVP, but TVP kicks CBM right in the gut. He grabs CBM and throws him in the ropes….but CBM reverses it. TVP comes back and CBM goes for a closeline, but TVP ducks, grabs CBM from behind and……throws him between the middle and top rope! CBM falls to the floor. He smacks on the mats. He holds his hip as he gets back to his feet. TVP runs toward him and……GOOD GOD……Suicide Dive!!!!!! CBM catches TVP but it sends CBM back first into the ring barricade! CBM screams in pain as TVP lands on his feet! TVP gets CBM up and WHIPS him into the steel steps……BAM! He goes shoulder and arm first!

Vince: “I am shocked! This guy is just taking CBM to the limit!”

Jim: “And look! CBM’s arm is bleeding from going into the steps!”

The ref’s count is up to 5. TVP slides in the ring. The ref counts: 6-7-TVP raises his arm in the air! The ref is at 9…….CBM GETS IT!

Vince: “CBM almost lost! That was so close!”

TVP stomps on CBM as he lies on the mat. The ref counts: 1-2-3-4 and TVP backs away. CBM gets up using the ropes. TVP goes to CBM and kicks him back into the mid-section. He throws CBM back in the ropes. CBM comes back and TVP closelines him, but CBM ducks. He continues to run into the ropes. TVP turns around and…..OH……SPEAR, SPEAR, SPEAR, SPEAR, SPEAR……CBM hits TVP with the spear! CBM hooks the leg and covers: 1-2-NOOOOOOO!!!!!!

Vince: “TVP is trying everything! CBM is giving everything he has but TVP is not going down!”

CBM can’t believe it. He gets TVP to his feet, but OH…..TVP knees him in the gut. He sets him up for a piledriver…..but lifts him up……Remote Attack (Wheelbarrow Slam)! TVP covers: 1-2-3!!!!!!!!!!!

NO, NO, NO……ONLY 2!!!! IT’S ONLY 2!!!!!! CBM kicked out at the last possible second! TVP can’t believe it. He quickly gets up and goes to the ref. “That was 3! You idiot….it was 3! I won this, I won this!” The ref starts to yell back. TVP waves his hand to blow off the ref. He turns around and gets CBM up…..but CBM rakes the eyes of TVP. TVP backs up and bends over holding his face in pain. CBM pushes him back even more and TVP goes into the corner. CBM gets to his feet, grabs TVP out of the corner and CBM climbs up it. He gets TVP up with him. He makes him bend over……flips over him……GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY!!!!!!!............SUICIDE DRIVER (360 Degree Piledriver)!!!!!!! TVP lands right on his head!!!!! CBM turns him over and hooks his leg: 1-2-3! Winner: CBM

Vince: “Now I have to say……that was a great match! TVP showed how tough he is and showed that he can handle a CBM type of star.”

Jim: “CBM continues his historic feat. Two great matches we had already….and more to come!” (Commercial)

The show comes back and we see Casey with Ultimate Warrior.

Warrior: “I am here with the newest OWC star, Casey. Casey, you had to leave Smackdown as we saw you were drafted to OWC at the draft. What are your thoughts?”

Casey: “Well I had to give up my World Title. I made that title the best it could be. Everyone wanted a shot at it, but I won each time. But I am not upset or sad or anything that I had to leave Smackdown. I am now here where the stars are at. OWC makes stars……it makes legends.”

Warrior: “Now we heard 101 on the forums this past week that he beat you twice and beat you up backstage. He said there is no way you are going to the top anytime soon. What do you have to say to that?”

Casey: “Yeah, yeah! I know what 101 said. He did beat me last week on OWC. He also beat me at Draft Roulette. He also beat me up backstage two weeks ago. BUT YOU KNOW WHAT…..let’s see if he can do that….ALONE! I’m willing to work my way up. I will work up in the rankings VERY fast! But I would like to see 101 work his way up. Yeah, if he worked his way up, that would take months, maybe years! Ha, that would be something to see!” Casey walks off. The camera changes to Eric Bischoff in his office. He is behind his desk.

Eric: “We just heard from Casey. Now I know she is fighting a match tonight. Since it was not announced who she was fighting on the OWC Line-up, I am here to announce it since I am Creative Director. Tonight, it’s going to be, for the first-time ever, Casey vs. Poison!” The crowd erupts! Now that’s creativity at its finest!” The camera goes back to the ring.

3. Rey (Champ) & DJ the Icon (Champ) vs. JYP and Blazin Snake

JYP makes his way to the ring first. The crowd cheers for him. He gets in the ring. After he’s in, Blazin Snake comes down the ramp and into the ring. The crowd is half and half for him.

Vince: “These two are making their returns to OWC as they got drafted this week.
As they are in the ring, Rey’s music hits and he comes out. He has the TFC 24/7 Title around his waist as he makes his way to the ring. The crowd cheers for him. After he is in, DJ the Icon’s music plays.

The crowd roars for him. The Tough Enough Title is over his shoulder as the fans chant……DJ, DJ, DJ, DJ! He slides in the ring and takes off his title. Rey starts off against JYP.

Both move around the ring, but they get closer to each other and tie-up. Both are pushing, but JYP, having the height difference, pushes Rey right into a corner.
Jim: “Ha, you see that? Rey is so small…..he can’t push….he’s the one being pushed!”
The ref counts to four, but JYP lets go at 3. Rey comes out of the corner and they tie-up again, but Rey falls down, grabbing JYP’s arm and making him go from an armdrag takedown! Both get up but Rey does another armdrag to JYP. Both get up again and Rey goes for another, but JYP stops Rey. Rey tries to lift him, but JYP turns Rey to face him and…..CLOSELINES him to the ground! JYP gets him up and throws Rey in the ropes. Rey comes back and JYP goes for a big boot, but Rey ducks. He stops in his tracks, turns and does a huge kick to the hamstring of JYP. JYP holds his leg in pain, but Rey does it again. JYP gets annoyed, turns around and ELBOWS Rey right in the face. JYP throws him in the corner. JYP runs to him, but Rey moves……but JYP runs up the corner and….Whisper in the Wind….LANDING right on Rey! The crowd pops! JYP gets up, pulls Rey to his corner and TAG: Blazin Snake.
Snake comes in and elbows JYP right in the heard. He gets up and does another elbow. He covers Rey: 1-2-OH! Both get up, but Snake kicks him in the gut. He whips him in the ropes. Rey comes back and Snake tries for a back body drop, but Rey holds onto Snake and…..drops back hitting……A DDT!!!!! Snake lands right on his head and falls forward on his back from the impact. He lies there as Rey crawls over to his corner. He jumps up and…..TAG: DJ the Icon. DJ jumps in as Snake gets to his feet. DJ runs to him and closelines him to the ground. Snake gets back in, but DJ closelines him to the ground again. Snake gets up one more time and DJ whips him in the ropes. He comes back and DJ jumps up, hooks his legs around Snake’s head and does a hurricanrona! Snake gets dizzy. He slowly gets to his feet, but DJ runs to him and rams his shoulder in the gut…..making Snake go back right into the corner. DJ goes back a bit, but rams his shoulder again. Goes back again, but rams his shoulder in the gut one more time. DJ flips back….runs to Snake and jumps on him. He goes for a monkey flip…..but Snake holds onto him and then…..GOOD GOD…..drops him down right on his back, neck, and head. Snake jumps over him, turns in mid-air and hits a perfect leg drop. He reaches over and hooks the leg: 1-2-OH! Snake gets DJ up, but DJ pushes him back and hits a……BAM…..roundhouse kick! Snake stumbles and then falls to his back. DJ raises his arms and the crowd chants, DJ! He runs away, bounces off the ropes and…..Rolling Thunder! The crowd loves it! He gets up and points to the top rope…..but he doesn’t go to it. He goes to his corner and….TAG: Rey! Rey hops up to the top rope and……SPLASH on Snake…….but Snake moved out of the way at the last second!

Vince: “OH, that was so close!”

Snake rolls over and JYP reaches in…..TAG! As JYP gets in, Rey goes over to TAG: DJ……WAIT…..OH NO……Rey looks up and DJ is not at the corner. He is on the floor on the outside! Rey has no idea what has happened. He turns around and JYP is right there to pick him up. He knees him in the gut……Twist of Fate! JYP covers: 1-2-3!!!! Winners: Blazin Snake and JYP

JYP raises his arm in victory. Just then, LOOK WHO IT IS!!!! Journey comes from under the ring and pounds away on DJ!

Vince: “There he is! Journey came from some place, took DJ out from the apron and hid under the ring. Now look!!!!”

Journey sits by DJ and does punch after punch. He then gets him up…..and WHIPS him right into the ring barricade! DJ screams in pain as he falls forward. JYP and Snake just watch on. The whole crowd boos from the actions of Journey. He laughs as he turns around and walks away. But he stops in his tracks. He turns back…..and runs full force. DJ is getting up, but Journey runs to him and…..GOOD GOD…..does a Battering Ram…..sending DJ up and over the ring barricade!!!! Journey turns to the crowd as they yell at him, but he says…….Holla, Holla, Holla! He walks away as he continues to say……Holla, Holla, Holla… the fans. (Commercial)

The show comes back and we have Ultimate Warrior with a worn out DJ the Icon.
Warrior: “DJ, you have been attacked by Journeywolf for the past couple of weeks. What are your thoughts?”

DJ: “Warrior…..let me ask you something today. What do you think of Journey?”
Warrior: “Well….he does say Holla a lot.”

DJ: “He says holla like Santa Claus says Ho. HO, ho, ho…..ho, ho, ho…..HO, HO, HO! Journey, I am sick and tired of this beat down you want to give me. You want to give someone a beat down, go ahead to Vickie and beat that sorry, overweight cow all over this arena! After that, you can fry her up and make bacon. Journey, I have had it with you. I’m not going to let this go, because that is not me. Instead, I am going to get you back. I’m going to grab you so I can punch you, kick you, bash you in the mat, in the ring post, in the stage, in anything steel, or wood, or iron, or cement. I will take you down….all the way to China Town! You will be mine Journey and after that, the only thing you will be saying is…..OW, OW, OW!” The camera goes to the ring where we see a desk set up. On one side of it is Dark Plague, Karnage and Dead Silence in the ring. Eric Bischoff comes on the titan tron.

Eric: “After going through some papers, I realized that one team still has a #1 Contender’s Match for the OWC Tag Team Titles that they won about a month ago. So tonight, I am going to have the contract signing between the two teams as it will be their final bout against each other.” Eric fades on the tron as music hits and Xtreme Insanity, Skitzo and King of the Dead, come on stage and do their usual to the ring. The crowd cheers as they see them. They give fives to the crowd as they go down the ramp. They slide in the ring at the same time and both grab mics that sit on the table. There are seats on each side of the table, but no one is sitting.
Dead: “Now I didn’t know about this contract signing until I got here today. I don’t want this to take long as we already know what your fate will be. You will be beaten down and destroyed.

King: “Whoa, just wait a minute! It’s obvious you don’t know us! You see, we do our best under pressure.”

Karnage: “Your best under pressure? Give me a break! I know the both of you! King, you were in such a stressful time that you left Xtreme. You made it DIE! It died! You know, me and Dead love stuff that die. We love making stuff die. We love the slow, painful way that stuff dies. It’s so nasty, but so pleasant. But not only that, Skitzo was under pressure and he had to LEAVE Smackdown. That happened just about a month ago. He left Smackdown like a scared dog. Both of you are losers!”

King: “REALLY? Well if I can remember correctly Karnage… are named to be one of the worst GMs in the history of TFC! Now you want to talk about GMs, we can talk about that!”

Karnage: “That has nothing to do about being under pressure. King, don’t change the subject.”

King: “I am not changing the subject. I was right on subject as you…..” Dead interrupts.

Dead: “That is enough! Listen, it’s going to be Dark Plague vs. Xtreme Insanity for the OWC Tag Titles. It’s going to be the last occasion between the two of us! I am ready to get this over with.” Dead bends down and signs. He hands the pen over to Karnage and he signs right after him. Karnage stands straight up and throws the pen at Skitzo. Skitzo looks on and doesn’t say a word. He bends over and signs the paper. He stands up and hands the pen over to King. King looks at Karnage and Dead and gives the cut throat sign. He smirks and then bends over and signs the paper. He slams the pen on the desk. King looks up and stares on. Skitzo stares on. They then look at each other and so do Black Plague. They then look back at the opposing team…..OH NO…..Skitzo and King jump on the table and go right at Plague. They jump on them and punch away. It becomes a huge brawl as everyone goes at it. They try to get to their feet, but Insanity knocks them down and continues the attack. Guards come out try to stop it. It’s hard for them but they do it. The teams stare at each other as the camera changes to Eric Bischoff walking in Dixie Carter’s office.

Eric: “Dixie, did you like that?”

Dixie: “It got real personal there. Their final match is going to be great!”

Eric: “Neither teams read what it stated in the contract though.”

Dixie: “Why, what did it say?”

Eric: “Well not only did it state that their final match is going to be in TLC
Match, but the losing team will be disband! The team that loses will never be able
to tag team again!”

Dixie: “Eric, a job well done!” Eric walks over to Dixie’s desk and sits in the chair on the other side of her as they watch OWC together. (Commercial)

The camera changes to Vickie Guerrero outside of McMahon 101’s office.

Vickie: “On OWC’s Line-up this week, you saw Casey has her debut match this week. Well it didn’t say who she is fighting. That is why I am here.” The entire time she talks, the crowd boos at her. “EXCUSE ME! I am backstage, away from all of you ugly wannabes and I can still here you. Now I know Eric selfish Bischoff made a match for her. Yeah, Casey vs. Poison….that would be great in all…..but I am here to tweak that match. You see, that is not starting from the bottom…..but this is! Enjoy!”

4. Casey vs. ??????

Casey makes her way to the ring and the crowd gets electric. She gets in the ring and waits for her opponent.

The crowd is silent as they are anticipating who she is going to face. Just then, music plays!

TY Helmsley comes out on stage! The arena boos. He makes his way to the ring as they continue to insult him.

Vince: “This is what Vickie has in store for Casey? When she said Casey is working from the very bottom, she really means it!”

TY walks up the steps and goes through the ropes. The bell rings and TY walks toward Casey, but she runs to him and…..WOW…..does a fast spinning heel kick! She gets up, and he does too. Casey throws him in the ropes… he comes back, she…..WOW….hits him with a big boot! She goes to the ropes, and goes through them and stands on the apron. TY gets to his hands and knees and then up to his feet. He turns around, Casey jumps on the top rope, flings forward and……GOOD GOD…..a springboard closeline!!!!! She gets back to her feet and the crowd screams. She grabs TY and gets him on his feet. She throws him in the corner. She runs to the corner, but doesn’t hit him, but goes behind him and climbs it. TY comes around, but she reaches down and makes him come up the corner. She hits him a few times in the gut and makes him bend down. She lifts both of his arms up, hooks them, sets it up and…..GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!........Pepsi Plunge (Pedigree from top rope)!!!!!!!! TY’s head bounces up and Casey turns him over to his back. She puts one finger over his body as the ref counts: 1-2-3! Winner: Casey

Vince: “I am stunned! Did you see that? Not only was it a one sided match, and a great show from Casey, but that finisher…..THAT FINISHER! You all remember Triple H right? Well a pedigree is his finisher, but imagine that from the top rope? WOW!”

Jim: “That was impressive, but Casey can’t beat 101… she’s not all that worked up to be!”

Vince: “Well she won this match faster than CBM won his! That means something!” Casey gets out of the ring as the fans cheer for her. She waves to them as she goes up the ramp. (Commercial)

Vickie is walking in a hallway backstage and she is not in a good mood from what she just saw. As she is walking, the lights in the hallway start to flicker. She looks up and around to see what’s the matter, but the flickering stops. She continues to walk but the lights flicker again. She looks around and then…..the lights go out! She does a scared scream. She stands still as she can hear something. We hear foot steps in the hallway. Vickie yells……EXCUSE ME! The footsteps continue though. She starts to shake but you can’t see her body. She starts to breathe hard. Just then, you see something over her shoulder. A FACE POPS UP! The face… seen in face paint……resembled as Poison! He stands there and says in a quiet whisper…….boo! Vickie screams with all her might as Poison is suddenly gone and the lights come back on. Guards come to her aid as she continues screaming.

Guard: “Vickie, Vickie, what is the matter?” Vickie stops screaming and looks behind her. She looks all over and only sees the guards. Her face turns violent as she……SLAPS the guar right across the face. He falls down. Vickie can’t get any angry as she walks past in a violent rage. The camera cuts to the Straight Edge Stars.

4ever: “Rockergirl, I have to say congrats for winning your match earlier. I knew you could do it! As for CM Punk, thank you for celebrating it with her. I got to go right now.”

CM Punk: “4ever, go out and get Kevin. Get him good! It’s not a match and there’s no rules! You can practically kill him!”
4ever: “And that is what I am going to do to the drugged up kid!” She walks through the curtain.

5. Kevin vs. 4evercmpunk (Champ) in a No Rules, No Match Brawl

4ever comes on stage and she walks down the ramp. She gets to the end of the ramp and adjusts the TFC Title that is over her shoulder. The entire arena is booing her. She looks around at the crowd and looks disgusted.

She moves forward to the ring, but OH NO…..she goes forward and HITS her head right into the ring apron. KEVIN ATTACKED HER FROM BEHIND! He came out from the side of the entrance stage and ran alongside the ramp.

Vince: “There is no ref here because it’s no rules, no match. You people better close your eyes!”

Kevin gets 4ever up and drags her over to SMASH her head into the steel steps. She bounces up from that impact. He gets her head and SMASHES it down once again. She walks away as she holds her face in pain. He walks over to her, but she turns around and, without hurting anymore, does a roundhouse kick right to his head. Kevin stumbles. She grabs him and whips him…..GOOD GOD….as he goes right into the ring post! He twists around it and then falls on the floor. 4ever goes over to him and gets him up. She whips him around and……BAM, BASH, BOOM, SMASH…….Kevin gets slammed right into the ring steps! The steps come apart.

Vince: “They are just throwing each other into everything!”
4ever gets Kevin up, but he knees her right in the gut. He grabs her and TOSSES her on the announcer’s table! Vince and Jim get up from their chair.

Vince: “OH come on, not right here!”

Kevin takes off the top part of the table. 4ever is getting up, but Kevin grabs her head and…..SMASHES it into the table. She lies on her stomach. Kevin runs around to the other side of the ring. He hops up on the ring barricade. 4ever is moving slightly and Kevin doesn’t take his eyes off her. She gets to her feet. Kevin runs on the ring barricade…..that small, skinny barricade. He runs right on it and follows the curve…..jumping at the end…….GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.....Kevin jumps forward to 4ever…..SPEAR, SPEAR, SPEAR, SPEAR, SPEAR, SPEAR, SPEAR, SPEAR……..THROUGH THE ANNOUNCER’S TABLE!!!!!!!!


Kevin and 4ever are lying there motionless. The crowd is silent from that move. Kevin starts to move though. He turns over and gets on his knees. The crowd starts to cheer. Kevin lifts himself up on his feet. 4ever is only rolling back and forth. Kevin slowly goes to her and gets her up. Her body is like dead weight. He drags her along side of the ring as they go all the way to the opposite side of the ring to the entrance ramp. He pulls her weight up it, but she suddenly stops. He turns around and she kicks him in the gut……quickly hitting a DDT!......ON THE ENTRANCE STAGE! His head bounces up and then comes down in severe pain. 4ever slowly gets up and walks up the ramp to get away. Kevin gets up and runs after her. 4ever turns around and……Kevin is right there for…..SPEAR, SPEAR, SPEAR, SPEAR!!!!!

Vince: “Kevin speared 4ever twice in a very dangerous place.”

The arena is roaring in excitement. Kevin looks up and smiles. He gets up and grabs 4ever’s legs. He…..OH NO……drags her to the back! He drags her on her back through the curtain and on the cement in the back. He continues to drag her, but she pushes her legs forward and Kevin flies back into some cargo boxes. 4ever sees something to the left of her. She turns to the left and gets on her hands and knees. She sees Kevin coming behind her. She pops up and turns around…..GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY IN HEAVEN……A SICK CHAIRSHOT TO THE FACE OF KEVIN! He falls down instantly. 4ever falls to her knees after this hard fought battle. She gets up and limps her way to get further backstage. She turns around and sees Kevin getting up. She limps more and more and goes through a set of doors that leads to the parking garage. She looks around as she slowly walks. Just then, a HUGE bang happens and it’s from Kevin slamming the door open. He goes after 4ever, but she runs to a car and tries to open the door but it’s locked. She goes to another car but it’s also locked. Kevin goes to her, but she elbows him in the head. He stumbles back. She reaches from behind, grabs his head and…..GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY…….SLAMS it through a car window! THE GLASS SHATTERS! Kevin is motionless. 4ever walks away as we hear car wheels squeaking on the floor. A car is driving through the garage. The camera turns and we see it coming. It’s coming right to where the fight it. Kevin gets out of the window and slowly walks to 4ever as his face is busted open. The car is right there and stomps! 4ever quickly limps to the car as the door opens. Rockergirl is in the backseat as she opened the door. The camera shows CM Punk as the driver. 4ever is going to the car but Kevin is going to stop her. Their quickly limping to their destination. Kevin is just about to 4ever, but she leaps forward and lands in the car. CM Punk just speeds away without the door being closed. As he drives away, the car door swings open and BREAKS off as it hit another car. Kevin stands there as he watches them leave. The camera goes to McMahon 101 as he is in front of the black wall and behind the podium.

McMahon 101: “My first order of business is to have a mass execution. In every great group, you need to sacrifice things. You need to sacrifice things, people, needs, etc. In order for that, I am going have people taken out! It’s either you are with me or against me. You are going to be cut off. It will start with the lower than low stars. You know, those stars that are worthless. It will then go to low stars that just are there to fill up space. After that, it will go to mid-card stars. Next, mid-card champions. It will then go to some main stars and then main eventers……then main event champions! It will go and go. Killing off a mass society. Getting one by one….two by two, three by three. Hundreds by hundreds. We will go after the gypsies! We could get anyone. Anyone could be you! You won’t know until you are suffering. Of course, this doesn’t have to happen. Just join and you would be free. Join now…..Join and Support Sociest! In Sociest, we will fix the world one at a time!” 101 raises his fist up again.

The camera changes to Dixie Carter in her office. She has a worried, confused, and shocked face. She begins to talk.

Dixie: “At Persecution…..” She starts to stutter as she announced this. “The main event of the PPV will be McMahon 101 vs. …….for the OWC Title……vs. ………..Poison!!!!!!!” She looked even more worried. She soon puts her head down as she can’t believe what she just announced.”

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