Friday, July 30, 2010

OWC: Let Them Wrestle! 7/30/10

The cameras come on and film the dark, sold-out arena. It zooms in on the entrance stage as fireworks start to implode in the air. All sorts of colors fly up and in a raging fashion. As it stops, the TFC Video Theme Song airs.

Vince: “Hi all! I am Vince Russo and Jim Cornette is with me! This is OWC! We have a sold-out crowd here in New York City……in Madison Square Garden! I am not sure how many people are in the audience. Your guess it as good as mine!”

Jim: “There are 22,527 fans!”

Vince: “Wow, you can count fast!”

Jim: “Everyone, we have a HUGE show tonight. I am not just talking about a bigger
than normal OWC, but I am talking about The OWC Show of 2010! As it said on the OWC Line-up, this could be called OWC 2010! So many great matches and feuds are going to clash!”

Vince: “Like CBM fighting for the first title in his path to the top! Also 4ever vs. Kevin in an actual match this time! No more running away or you lose! And 4ever losing, can’t happen, but will make her undefeated streak go bye-bye!”

Jim: “We also have that sleazy chairman of ours fighting! It’s McMahon 101 vs. Toolman! 101 wants to extract some personal grief and I’m afraid Toolman is going to feel the wrath of it!”

Vince: “But the main event is going to catch everyone’s eye! It quite possibly could be the Match of the Year! Casey vs. Poison for the FIRST-TIME EVER! All of that and more! That’s why you don’t want to miss this show!”

1. CBM vs. Rey (Champ) for the TFC 24/7 Title

The first star who comes on the entrance stage is CBM. He still doesn’t have his music play, his entrance gear on, or any effects for his entrance. The crowd has a non-stop boo going on as he walks down the ramp. He walks over to the steps and gets in the ring. He looks around at the audience as he is in the ring and shakes his head in disappointment. After him, actual music plays and Rey comes on out. He gets the biggest applause he has ever got. He has the TFC 24/7 Title around his waist. He comes down the ramp, takes the title off while at ringside, quickly slides in the ring, and the bell rings.

As soon as Rey jumps up to his feet, he runs right to CBM and starts punching away. Multiple rights to CBM’s head…..and then starts to kick him right to the back of his leg…..right to his thigh. CBM limps a couple feet forward from the impact. Rey does another kick to his leg and CBM limps more. CBM quickly turns around to try to nail Rey right in the head with an elbow, but Rey ducks. Rey jumps up on CBM’s shoulders and…..hurricanrona! Both quickly get up to their feet. Both run to each other. CBM goes for a closeline, but Rey slides under and goes right around CBM, then over his head, holding his head for……a DDT!

Vince: “What an impressive move by Rey. This match allows anything….no DQ and No Countout. Pins and submissions are allowed anywhere as remember…..the TFC 24/7 Title is on the line.”

Jim: “This could go out to the street if it has to. Actually, I wouldn’t mind seeing Rey go on the street. Maybe a car can come and run the ant over!”

Rey gets up to his feet as CBM is kneeling. Rey goes back and bounces off the ropes. He comes forward and…..OH MY…..a dropkick to CBM! He flings backwards but can’t bend all the way back, so he goes forward and his head goes right into the mat. Rey gets up, jumps, and plants a leg drop to the back of CBM’s head. He turns him over and covers: 1-OH! Only a 1 count! Rey gets up and waits in the corner. CBM finally gets up to his feet. Rey runs to him…..but as he gets to CBM…..he twirls him around…..GOOD GOD…..Tilt-a-whirl backbreaker!

Jim: “What an idiot! Rey should have stayed on attack, but he got up and rested in the corner. You stupid kiddie! Go back to school!”

CBM drops back to his back and rolls out of the ring. He looks under the ring and finds a trashcan with a lid. He throws it in the ring. Beside it is a kendo stick. He grabs it and throws it in too. He slides back in and turns the trashcan over so the bottom is facing up. He grabs the lid and holds onto it. Rey gets up and turns to face CBM. CBM puts his arm to the side and swings it forward……GOOD GOD…..hitting Rey right in the side of the head with the lid! Rey wobbles from the impact. CBM holds onto it with his other hand to, lifts both of them in the air and……drops it down to SMACK Rey on the top of the head with it. He falls instantly. CBM drops the damaged lid and walks over to Rey. He lifts his foot and covers him: 1-2-OH! CBM simply walks away from Rey and goes over to the kendo stick. He turns back around and sees Rey slowly get up. CBM goes behind Rey and swings the stick around like he is about to take a swing in baseball. Rey gets up to his feet, turns around and…….CBM SWINGS FULL FORCE…..but Rey ducks. CBM goes for the legs of Rey, but he jumps. CBM is about to swing it again, but Rey kicks CBM in the gut and he drops the stick. Rey, who is right in front of the ropes, bounces off, jumps over the bending CBM, and goes under him…..trying to push him forward for a cover……CBM is wobbling and swaying……but he stops, bends down and tries to punch Rey right in the head….but Rey slides away and CBM hits his hand right against the mat. He bends straight up and holds his hand in pain. Rey is standing on his feet behind him. CBM turns around and is furious with what just happened. He runs to Rey, but Rey ducks, and……OH NO….he does a drop toe hold……sending CBM……GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY……HEAD first into the trash can! His head just bounced off the bottom of it as it was facing up! CBM rolls over in pain as he covers his face. Rey runs to the ropes, but jumps on the second ones……flips back…..OH…..lionsault right on CBM! Rey covers: 1-2-3!!!!!

NO, NO, NO…..only 2! Rey gets up and goes over to the kendo stick. He turns around and waits for CBM. CBM gets up as he uses the ropes. He turns around and…..Rey swings across to nail CBM right in the ribs…..but CBM catches the kendo stick in action. He holds onto it. Rey tries to pull it back but he can’t outmatch CBM’s strength. CBM pulls it toward him in such a quick pace…..Rey goes with it. As Rey comes, CBM NAILS him with a thunderous closeline. It sends Rey to the mat. He lets go of the stick and now CBM has total control of it. Rey gets up and turns to CBM. WHACK…..CBM whacks Rey right to the ribs with the stick. Rey immediately falls down as he holds his side, but he gets back up. CBM swings back and then goes forward right to the knee of Rey. Rey tumbles to the ground as he holds his leg in pain. CBM backs up and waits for Rey to get up. Rey uses the ropes. He gets up but is standing on one leg. CBM digs back, goes forward…..and…..GOOD GOD…..just CRACKS the stick right over the head of Rey! He goes down. The stick has broken into two as the crowd takes a huge gasp. As Rey lies there, CBM slides out of the ring, looks under, and pulls out a table. He brings it in the ring and places it in the corner. He goes to Rey, grabs him with one hand and pulls him across the ring until he is in front of the table. CBM walks back and squats down. Rey is shaking his head as he lies there. He slowly rocks back and forth and then turns over to his stomach. He plants his feet and hands down and slowly gets up. He turns around to face CBM. CBM runs full force……..SPEAR, SPEAR, SPEAR, SPEAR, SPEAR……BUT, BUT, BUT, BUT…..Rey saw the table behind him when he got up and he put 2 and 2 together. He moved to the side and…..OH….CBM stops just in time before he went through that table. Rey goes behind CBM, but CBM turns around and….NAILS Rey with a big boot! OH! CBM is getting frustrated. He grabs the table from the corner and sets it up in the ring. He grabs Rey and makes him bend down. He then lifts him up to his shoulders…..OH NO…….GOOD GOD…….he sends Rey…….THROUGH THE TABLE FROM A POWERBOMB!!!!! Rey is motionless……pieces of the table fly everywhere. The crowd is absolutely stunned from the turnaround of this match. CBM kicks the ends of the table out of the way. He smirks and goes to cover Rey.

Vince: “That has to be it!”

Jim: “Good!”

He covers: 1-2-CBM GETS UP!

Vince: “What is he doing? He had this match won!”

Jim: “I know exactly what he is doing. He wants to destroy Rey. Good…..YES….it’s about time someone puts this little kid in his place. He is going to be crying to his mom for the next month!”

CBM grabs Rey and pulls him across the ring to the corner. CBM gets up on the corner and then pulls Rey up. He sets up Rey in a piledriver formation…….jumps…..GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY……Suicide Driver (180 Degree Piledriver)! Rey landed right on his head. CBM pushes Rey over and covers: 1-2-3! Winner and NEW TFC 24/7 Champion: CBM

Jim: “Yes…..YES, YES, YES! Rey has finally lost! CBM beat him to a pulp! He made him lose and took his title. That little kiddie can now go back to school……he better get better as he’s going into the 3rd grade!” The ref hands CBM the title but CBM just rips it off him. He raises it in the air as he goes to the corner of the ring. The entire arena is booing. It doesn’t stop CBM though as he celebrates. (Commercial)

The show comes back and we see CBM walking backstage as he has the TFC 24/7 Title in his hand. He is met by AAA stars of Bret Hart and Earl Hebner.

Earl: “Great job out there CBM. One of your great matches! You are now champion again and another step closer to the top spot on this show again.”

Bret: “CBM, do you know what this means? AAA has a title. We have gold here on OWC now!”

CBM: “Thanks to both of you. Actually Hart, do you know what is in line next? It’s the OWC Tag Team Titles. Bret, I want you to be my partner. Not only will I have gold for the AAA, but you will to and it will make AAA so much more powerful!” Hart
nods his head as he has a smile on his face. The camera changes to the ring.

2. Dead Silence and Karnage vs. King of the Dead in a 2-1 Handicap Match

Dead and Karnage come to the ring at the same title. They have the Tag Team Titles around their waist. They walk to the ring in a slow, menacing way. They get in the ring at the same time, take off their titles, and just stare at the entrance stage waiting for King. King’s music now hits and the crowd pops. Dead and Karnage look on but no one is coming out. The music is still playing but King isn’t coming out. Dead and Karnage look at each other and laugh as they know King is too scared. They look back at the entrance stage……..BUT WAIT! The camera shoots the crowd as it shows King running through the people and then jumping over the railing. He slides in the ring and…..OH!

He runs right at them and hits them with a double closeline. Both fall to the mat. His music stops and the bell sounds. Dead rolls to the apron as Karnage is getting beaten up by King. King pounds on him with rights and lefts. King gets Karnage up then and throws him in the ropes. He comes back and King just lifts him right in the air for a back body drop. Karnage holds his back as he gets right back up. King picks him up, but drops him down for an atomic drop. He goes for a closeline, but Karnage ducked. Both turn around to face each other and….OH…..Karnage kicks Dead right in the gut. He grabs King’s head…..and swings it for a swinging neckbreaker! Karnage quickly covers King: 1-2-OH! Karnage backs up and TAG: Dead Silence.

She rushes in and stomps away on King. She gets King up and WHIPS him right in the corner. Dead runs to him…..SPLASH…..but King moved out of the way and Dead hit the corner full force. She turns around, OH……King knees him in the gut…..Twist of Fate!!!!! King cover: 1-2-DEAD’S FOOT ON THE ROPES! King thought he won it. King gets up and drags Dead to the center of the ring. King looks up…..WHAT IS THIS? Karnage is in the ring and hits King with a huge big boot! King falls instantly. Karnage laughs and gets back on the apron. Dead slowly goes to Karnage…..TAG! Karnage goes in, gets King up as he grabs him by his throat…..lifts him in the air…..CHOKESLAM! Karnage covers: 1-2-3! Winners: Dead Silence and Karnage
Dead comes back in the ring and he raises his arms with Karnage. They face the crowd as the crowd tears them down with boos. As they do…..LOOK! Skitzo comes from crowd, just like King did. He has a chair in his hand though. He slides in the ring and waits behind Dark Plague. The crowd starts to roar. Dark Plague have no idea why. They turn around and….BAM! Skitzo hits Karnage right in the gut with the chair. He turns to Dead and hits her in the gut too. He turns back to Karnage and WHACKS the chair over his back. You can hear the impact. Karnage falls to the mat and rolls out of the ring. Skitzo turns back to Dead as Dead is standing upright. Skitzo winds up and……SMACKS the chair over the head of Dead. Dead falls to the mat. The crowd is thunderous. Skitzo grabs Dead and drags her to the side of the ring. Skitzo gets out of the ring, looks under the ring and pulls out a table. He sets it up on the outside. He looks under it again and grabs a 10 foot tall ladder. He sets it up beside the table. He grabs Dead and puts her on the table. Dead sits up, but Skitzo grabs the chair from the ring, winds up to his side and swings like a baseball right to the FACE of Dead. She falls back instantly. Skitzo runs to the ladder and starts climbing. 3 feet…..5 feet….7 feet…..10 feet! He stands up on the top of the ladder, 10 feet high, as the crowd is jumping in the air. Skitzo poses and then, jumps……GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY……Swanton Bomb……ON DEAD…..THROUGH THE TABLE! Skitzo sits on the ground as his torso makes him rise. His torso goes back down and falls right on Dead. Both are motionless. EMT’s come out from backstage and checks on both of them as the show fades. (Commercial)

Vince: “We are back everyone and I am just astonished of what we just witnessed. Usually you see things like that at a PPV, but this happened right here on OWC. Skitzo climbed 10 feet in the air and did a Swanton Bomb on Dead through a table. It was so unreal.”

Jim: “It’s heating up every week. At Persecution, both of those teams are facing in a TLC Match. One team will be OWC Tag Team Champions, and the other will have to disband. That is happening on August 15th. Now let’s go backstage to Ultimate Warrior.” The camera cuts to backstage.

Warrior: “I am here with JYP, Journeywolf, and TVP. These 3 are going to take on DJ the Icon, Cody, and Blazin Snake and that match is next. But before you have that match……” JYP interrupts.

JYP: “Warrior, I heard so much about you. How you ask…..from whom you ask? Well from my good friend……from 4evercmpunk. Yeah, you two have your problems with each other, but let me say, I don’t want to have any problems with you. In fact, you should be pleased with that because I would rip you to shreds in a matter of minutes. Now we are facing the 3 clowns this week. You have DJ who panders to the fans like they are actually giving him his paychecks. You have Cody who was World Champion of a reject show……and then you have Snake who cries to his mom because he came to OWC from the draft. They should not be here, but be in the circus.”

Journey: “Yo DJ, HOLLA IF YOU HEAR ME! I’m coming after you! I’m going to take your title! At Persecution. Ya dig? Nah, I don’t care if ya dig. I dig and that’s all that matters. I’m taking it…..HOLLA ON THAT!”

TVP: “I am back on OWC and I am here to take OWC by storm. You see, I make this place. I give ratings; I give people what they want. They don’t leave once I come on. I am TeleVision Priceless!” Just then McMahon 101 walks on set.

101: “Well look who we have here. JYP, National Champion, and member of Sociest. You have TVP and Journey……”

Journey: “101, I dig Sociest and want to get rid of the cancer in TFC. I want to get rid of Dixie if you hear me.”

101: “I hear you loud and clear. It’s just not you who will take out Dixie… will be me….and ALL of Sociest. You know Journey…..welcome… Sociest!” 101 then turns to TVP. “You……I haven’t heard from you yet. You are going to hear from me though. Are you with Sociest or not……if you are, you will become impeccable…….if not……you will be gone! It’s your choice, but it’s not a hard choice.”

TVP: “101…..ah…..I want to be part of Sociest!”

101: “Great! Wise choice!” 101 walks away. TVP’s frightened face cracks a smile as he knows he is safe now. Journey’s face shows he wants to do something big while JYP’s face shows he wants some action. The camera changes to the ring.

3. DJ the Icon (Champ), Cody, and Blazin Snake vs. JYP (Champ), Journeywolf, and TVP

All 3 stars come out in unison. The crowd cheers them on. DJ has the Tough Enough Title around his waist as many people chant……DJ, DJ, DJ……as they walk down the ramp. They get in the ring and he takes off his title. They then wait.
Now JYP, Journeywolf, and TVP come on stage together. JYP has the National Title over his shoulder as they walk slower than their opponents.

Vince: “You know, this reminds me of a good vs. evil battle. I mean DJ, Cody, and Snake are all for TFC. They are those types of people……but then you have JYP, Journey, and TVP who are part of 101’s side to take things over and to destroy.”

Jim: “No….you got it all wrong. The evil is DJ, Cody, and Snake while the good is JYP, Journey, and TVP. Why don’t you just stop talking and let me inform these people.”

They get in the ring and we see JYP start the match while Cody starts it for his team. The match starts and both walk up to each other.

Vince: “These two were part of the last remaining days of Smackdown. They were on every show for the last month it was alive, but now it’s gone, but they still see each other here on OWC.”

They smack talk each other as they go back and forth with insults. They don’t want to hear it anymore as they lock-up hard. Both push each other back and forth, but JYP takes the easy way out with a knee to the gut. JYP grabs Cody by the head and takes him over with a headlock takedown. He wrenches on his head, but Cody slides around on the mat and gets back up to his feet. He elbows JYP in the gut several times and it makes him unlock the hold. Cody runs into the ropes……runs back and….OH….does a spinning heel kick right to the face of JYP. Both fall to the mat. Both get up at the same time but Cody kicks JYP in the gut. He grabs him and throws JYP into the corner, but he holds himself from not going into the corner. Cody runs to him, but JYP jumps up and Cody goes sternum first into it. JYP is now behind him. He grabs Cody from behind….pushes his head back……reverse DDT! JYP gets up and pulls Cody to his corner…..TAG: TVP.

He gets in as Cody is still on the mat. TVP bounces up and plants a knee right into the head of Cody. Cody holds his face has he rolls around from the move. TVP stops him from moving around, lifts his torso up, and applies a headlock from behind. He wrenches his head back to do more damage on the body part. Cody lifts his arms in the air and grabs TVP from behind. He puts all his force into it as he…..leans forward. It sends TVP flipping over Cody and landing right on his back on the mat. Cody rolls around and gets back on his feet. Both are up, but Cody kicks TVP in the gut, lifts him up on his shoulders…….BAM…..hits a powerbomb right on TVP. Cody can’t take it anymore. He goes right to his corner…..TAG: Blazin Snake.

Snake gets in the ring as TVP uses the ropes to get up. He goes to TVP and whips him in the ropes. TVP comes back and ducks a closeline from Snake. TVP continues into the ropes. He comes back and Snake goes for a big boot, but TVP ducks again. He stops dead in his tracks. Both turn to face each other. TVP lifts Snake up and…..OH…..SPINEBUSTER! TVP covers him: 1-2-OH! TVP covers: 1-2-OH! TVP gets to his feet and then slowly gets Snake up. He takes him to the corner and plants several kicks in Snake’s chest. He grabs him to whip him into the opposing corner……but Snake reverses it and it sends TVP CRASHING right in the corner. He hits it hard. TVP comes out of the corner. Snake does a drop toe hold to TVP…..then locks it up…..STF! He has it locked in! TVP is screaming in pain. Snake wrenches his head back more and more……BUT….Journey comes in and stomps right on Snake. It makes Snake break the submission hold. Journey gets out of the ring and extends his hand for a tag. Snake crawls to his corner while TVP crawls to his. They reach up at the same time and…..TAG at the same time!

TVP tags Journey and Snake tags DJ. Both rush in and run to each other…..but DJ closelines Journey to the mat. He gets back up, but gets closelined again. He gets up again, but DJ throws him in the ropes. He comes back and……gets a scoop powerslam! DJ motions to the crowd. He runs into the ropes…….Rolling Thunder right on Journey and covers him: 1-2-OH! DJ gets Journey up and does a body slam to the mat right by a corner. DJ goes right up to the corner….jumps…..Split legged moonsault. DJ covers again: 1-2-JOURNEY’S FOOT ON THE ROPES! He gets Journey up, but Journey rakes DJ right in the eyes. He kicks him in the gut, grabs him by the side and……RAMS him right into the post…..SHOULDER FIRST! DJ holds his shoulder as he comes out of the corner. Journey grabs him from behind….lifts him up and hits a back suplex. Journey gets up…..and quickly runs to the corner and knocks down Snake and Cody. He turns and sees DJ getting up. Journey goes to him, kicks him in the gut…..and sets up a piledriver……but DJ takes the legs out of Journey, flips over him for a pin: 1-2-NO! Both quickly get up. Cody comes back on the apron. DJ goes for a closeline, but Journey ducks. DJ turns back to Journey. Journey kicks him in the gut….quickly sets up and hits……The Piledriver! Journey turns him over for a cover: 1-CODY DROPS DOWN-3! Winners: JYP, Journeywolf, and TVP

Journey gets up as JYP and TVP get in the ring to celebrate. Cody is staring in the ring from the outside. He turns his head as Snake comes to him. Cody…..OH MY…….kicks Snake right in the gut and THROWS him right into the ring barricade. He gets flipped upside down and everything. Cody then slides in the ring. He stares at the other team…….looks down and quickly stomps away on DJ. He gets DJ up and throws him over the top rope. He turns to JYP, Journey, and TVP and raises his hands. He high fives them. They all line up and raise their arms in unison.

Vince: “I just can’t believe this. Cody turns on his team and joins Sociest. This is getting out of control.”

Jim: “Sociest is growing every week with more and more stars. I’m telling you…..this thing is amazing!” (Commercial)

The show comes back and we see Dixie Carter and Eric Bischoff. They are in Dixie’s office. Both are standing as they talk.

Dixie: “I mean Eric, did you see 101’s video last week? Did you see it?”

Eric: “How didn’t I see it? It was broadcasted all over OWC……it was the ending of OWC…..the part everyone checks out.”

Dixie: “I mean he says I am the cancer of TFC. He says I am going to destroy TFC. How? Tell me how? He is the one that hired me. I have been here since January, and since then, TFC has grown to be the biggest online fantasy wrestling company EVER! We grew to have our own Twitter…..grew to have PPV’s LIVE…..grew to even post shows outside of WWE Universe. I grew TFC, Eric, I grew it. I didn’t cause any harm. I didn’t hurt it. Since I have been here, we seen some of the best matches and some of the best feuds in TFC history.”

Eric: “You know what…..I think 101 is jealous. Yeah, I think he is jealous of your success. I mean you even got websites to sponsor TFC. You did stuff that he probably wanted to do but never could. Now he wants you out so it will make him look better.”

Dixie: “Sociest is getting bigger and bigger each week. I mean stars are joining out of every corner. I’m happy that I hired some of the Smackdown stars because they will back me up.” Dixie goes to her chair and sits. She leans over her desk and puts her hand on her head as she’s stressed. The camera changes to video to hype the following match.

The video shows the history of Kevin and 4ever and all of their fights. There are voice overs in the video. We hear 4ever say, “I’m going to end you.”, “This will be over once and for all.”, “I’ll be the winner, like always, and you’ll fail, like always.” We hear Kevin’s voice as he states, “I’ll never stop until I get that title.”, “You can get away once, but not twice.”, “Kiss your undefeated streak good-bye!”. The video ends.

4. Kevin vs. 4evercmpunk in a One-on-One Match!

Vince: “Now I just got this in my headset. No one can interfere in this match. If Lita does or someone for Kevin, 4ever will win the match, but if anyone on 4ever’s side, Kevin will win the match. Also 4ever can’t run away this time like she did in their No Match Brawl. It’s finally time for these two to compete.”

Kevin comes out on stage as his entrance song plays. The crowd jumps up. He comes on out with Lita. He twirls her around and then holds her in his arms. They kiss, he twirls her back out, and she walks away. She walks backwards as they both blow a kiss to each other. Kevin continues his way to the ring.

After he is in, 4ever comes on stage and the entire arena blows up.

They boo and scream at her. They are just trying to kick her out, but she won’t. She continues her way down the ramp as the TFC Title is around her waist. She walks up the steps and gets in the ring. She takes the title off. The ref tries to get it, but she won’t allow him to hold it. She walks over and hands it to the Ring Official. As she has her back turned, Kevin runs right to her and slams his forearm right into her back.

The ref calls for the bell. Kevin gets 4ever right up and does a huge right hand to her face. He then does a kick to her gut and then a knife edge chop right to her chest. He does another right hand. He grabs her and throws her in the ropes. She comes back and he goes for a closeline, but she ducked. She continues in the ropes. She comes back again, but this time….OH….Kevin hits her with a big boot. She falls down as she holds her jaw. She turns over to her chest though and gets back up. Kevin grabs her and throws her in the corner. He runs to her and……BAM……spears her right in the corner. He backs up a bit and then spears her again. He stands straight and lifts her up to the top rope. He climbs it and punches her head several times. He goes for a superplex……but she punches him in the gut several times. He bends over and she hits him with a thunderous headbutt. As he is bent over, She stands on the corner, jumps over him, grabs him from behind…..GOOD GOD…..sunset flip powerbomb cover: 1-2-NO! Kevin landed right on his head, neck, and back. 4ever gets him up and tosses between the second and top rope. Kevin splats on the floor. The ref tries to stop 4ever from going outside, but she goes out anyway. She picks him up, grabs him and…….OH…..whips him right into the steel steps. You can hear the SMACK! Kevin holds his shoulder in pain. 4ever goes over to him and has him stand on his feet. 4ever grabs him again and……WHIPS HIM……but Kevin reverses it and…..OH MY…..4ever goes right into the steel post. She goes shoulder first into the steel. She immediately falls down. She holds her shoulder in agony.

Vince: “That could break her shoulder.”

Jim: “Listen, the ref is up to count of 7!”

Kevin slides in the ring as the ref continues counting: 8-4ever gets on her knees-9-4ever jumps on the apron and slides in the ring. Kevin goes up to her and stomps away. The ref counts to 4 and he has to stop. He has her get up on her feet. She uses the ropes to do that. She turns to Kevin and he goes right back at her as he kicks her in the gut. He throws her in the ropes. She comes back and he tries for a big boot, but missed this time. She tops in her tracks. Kevin turns around and…..WOW…..she nails him in the head with a roundhouse kick. He stumbles, but she picks him up on her shoulders. She looks up at the crowd and then……GTS!!!!!......WAIT, WAIT, WAIT…..Kevin landed on his feet and caught her knee before it hit him. He pushes her knee down and then knees her in the gut. He grabs her head…….impaler DDT! He turns her over to cover: 1-2-AH! Kevin gets up and slowly walks backwards to the corner. He bends down and waits for her to get up. As she gets up, he is getting more and more anxious. She is on her feet and she turns around. Kevin runs…..SPEAR, SPEAR, SPEAR, SPEAR, SPEAR……BUT, BUT, BUT….4ever puts her knee up and it HITS him right in the face. She then lifts him up on her shoulders again. GTS time…..but…..Kevin slides behind her. He pushes her and…..OH…..she goes forward right into the ref. She stops in her tracks before she hits the ref though. She opens her eyes wide and notices the ref is right in her face. She…..GOOD GOD…..brings her head forward for a headbutt right to the ref. He falls down instantly. 4ever turns around and……SPEAR, SPEAR, SPEAR, SPEAR, SPEAR, SPEAR, SPEAR, SPEAR……..RIGHT ON 4EVER! Kevin covers but NO ref! Kevin can’t believe this. The crowd is counting though….1-2-3….but they aren’t the ref. He gets up and grabs the ref. He shakes the ref to wake him up. As the ref starts to move, Kevin turns around……to have 4ever right behind him! She…..OH NO…..low blows him with a kick. She then lifts him up on her shoulders…..GTS, GTS, GTS, GTS, GTS!!!!!! She rocks her head like a rocking chair as she slowly gets down on her knees and gets over Kevin for a cover. The ref crawls over and counts: 1------2------3!!!!! Winner: 4evercmpunk

Jim: “Oh yeah….oh yeah…..4ever is still undefeated! I’m telling you……she’s the best wrestler we have ever seen in this company!”

Vince: “Cheap shot, cheap victory……that’s all 4ever is.”

She gets up on her feet and goes to a corner. She leans against it as she rests. She then raises her arm and calls someone down from the stage. JUST THEN…..Rockergirl and JYP run down the stage. They get in the ring, grab Kevin and push him to the edge of the ring. They lift him up and carry him up the ramp and to the back. 4ever follows them and so does a camera. As they go backstage, 4ever helps with the carrying. They go through a set of doors which leads to the parking lot. They go to an empty area and drop Kevin down. JYP and Rockergirl walk away as 4ever still stands by him. 4ever then waves her arms and she runs away as she goes by Rocker and JYP. We hear a car start up. It raves its engine. Kevin starts to move around. He turns over and is on his hands and knees. He gets off his hands and is kneeling. He then gets up on his feet. You can hear car’s tires squeal on the floor. The camera is right where Rocker, JYP, and 4ever are at. All of a sudden……you see in the camera shot……GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY IN HEAVEN…….a car just speeds past…….HITTING KEVIN!!!!!!!!!! Kevin flip and flops over the front of the car, the windshield of the car, and the roof of the car. He falls off of it as it keeps going. The car then comes to a halt as the car’s tires skid on the floor. Kevin is motionless on the floor. The car door opens and…..out comes CM Punk. He goes to Kevin and looks down. He starts to laugh. Rocker, JYP and 4ever walk up. 4ever starts to laugh. Then Rocker and JYP join in. All of them are laughing it up.

Vince: “We need help out there for Kevin. He’s not moving…..he could be seriously injured. Come on, we need EMT’s out there!” (Commercial)

The show comes back and Dixie Carter is at her office door. She is in her office and Toolman is outside her office.

Dixie: “Toolman, first of all, I want to thank you for signing with OWC. You are a real asset to this company and I am happy to have you here.”

Toolman: “No, thank you Dixie. I am happy to be here on OWC. This show has all of the top stars and I want to be one of them. I will be one of them soon, I know that. Tonight, I am going against the OWC Champion. He’s undefeated, but that will end. I’m going out there and destroying 101. After I do that I will be in line for the OWC Title!” Dixie smiles. The camera changes to Laci who is backstage. She is in a dark area as you can’t see much. She is calling out.

Laci: “Poison…..Poison, come out! Poison!” She continues to walk. She hears some shuffling and stops. “Poison, is that you?” She looks around. She starts to walk again but there is a voice behind her. She turns around and there is a dark figure behind her. “Is that you?” It comes closer and we can see…’s Poison. “Poison, are you seeing what is going on here on OWC?”

Poison: “Have I saw? Yes, I have seen. It’s getting out of control. I know that. I’m the one who is going to stop it. We can’t have this happen. Too many people are sucking up. That’s what they’re doing….sucking up. I won’t do that….I’ll never do that. This is going to end at Persecution. I’m going to put a stop to it.”

Laci: “But how can you? 101 out a restraining order on you.”

Poison: “There is some way out of it…..there is some way. You know what you need to do now?”

Laci: “What’s that?”

Poison: “You need to be the one against Vickie Guerrero. That pig….that cow……you need to be the one against her.”

Laci: “You know….I’ve always hated when she said she was the power couple with 101. I’m going to show her…..they aren’t.” Laci gets closer to Poison and she wraps his arms around her. She puts her head to her chest for comfort. The camera switches to the ring.

5. Toolman vs. McMahon 101 (Champ)

OWC’s newest star comes out to the ring first. His entrance music and video plays as he comes on stage. The fans are on their feet.

Vince: “Well Toolman made his debut last week as he faced off against CBM with help from others. Well he lost then, but now it’s time for him to make an impact. He is now an OWC star. He said he is happy to be back as he focuses on becoming the main event star on this show.”

Toolman gets in the ring and waits. Another video and song plays as it’s McMahon 101’s theme song.

He comes on stage with the OWC Title around his waist. He comes down the ring with Vickie Guerrero at his side.

The entire arena is booing them. They aren’t stopping. The boos are so loud, you can’t even hear yourself think. 101 walks up the steps as Vickie stays on the floor. She SLAPS 101’s butt and continues her way alongside the ring. He gets in the ring and takes off his title. Toolman points to it as he says he’s going to get it soon.

The ref calls for the bell. Both stars move around the ring. They put their arms in the air and go at it……as they tie up. Both push back and forth……but 101 OVER powers Tool as he throws him back. Tool falls back on his back. He has a shocked look on his face. He gets up and they lock-up again. This time….OH….Tool over powers 101 and he falls back to the mat. 101 looks shocked. 101 gets up. They go to lock-up again….but 101 kicks Tool right in the gut. He grabs him and whips him into the ropes. Toolman comes back…..BUT…..stops as he holds onto the ropes. 101 walks closer to him, but Tool gets off the ropes and does a dropkick. Both get up at the same time but Tool does another dropkick! Both get up at the same time. 101 goes to Toolman…..but he takes the legs out from under 101’s body. He looks around the arena as he puts a smile on his face. Tool twirls around and……FATAL FOUR LOCK! He has it locked in…….HE HAS IT LOCKED IN! 101 is screaming in pain……he is in agony. He lifts his hand up….ABOUT TO TAP…..but he doesn’t. He sets it on the mat. He lifts his other hand up…..ABOUT TO TAP…..but he doesn’t. He plants his hands down and lifts his torso up. Toolman does the same thing. All of a sudden…..101 smiles. Toolman then smiles. Tool breaks the submission and gets up. 101 gets up but holds his leg. Just then….Tool and 101 shake.

Vince: “What is going on? What is happening?”

Jim: “I know! Toolman has joined Sociest!”

The entire arena is booing more now. Vickie walks up the steps and gets in the ring. She gets to 101 and they hug. They start kissing in the middle of the ring. Their hands are moving up and down each other’s body. They stop and turn to face the crowd and camera. Vickie grabs 101’s hand and raises it. Tool comes beside 101 and they join hands and raise them up.

Jim: “Here it is…..Sociest at its best! Here I am……SOCIEST!” Jim takes off his headset. He raises his fist to honor and to support Sociest. Vince then stands up.

Vince: “Wait…..what are you doing? No, you can’t! Stop!” Jim yells back.

Jim: “No, YOU STOP!” The fist he made…..goes forward and PUNCHES Vince Russo right in the mouth. He falls down as it knocks off his headset. 101 looks over and gets one hand available. He makes a fist and raises it toward Jim. Jim nods, puts his headset on, and sits down. (Commercial)

The show comes back and we see Ultimate Warrior.

Warrior: “I am here with Casey who is going against Poison tonight. Casey, this is the first time you are going against Poison. What do you have to say?”

Casey: “First of all, I would like to say something to 4ever. I don’t know the update on Kevin, but I don’t care if it’s us with 10 other people…..or us alone. I am going to do everything in my power to get a title. I am going to take you out, be TFC Champion, and show just how great I am. I mean this video camera….” She shows it in the camera shot. “….shows my greatness. It’s going to document my great ability tonight as I face Poison. As for Poison….you vs. me. I don’t know about you, but I am ready to put on a show. I am ready to have The Match of the Year! I looked up to you when I was on Smackdown. Now that I am here on OWC, I don’t need to look up to you. I look up to myself. So come at it big Poison. You be big, I’ll be the mini…..but remember, size never matters!”

6. Poison vs. Casey

Jim: “Well I am going to be calling this match myself. It looks like Vince is going to be in a back for awhile as they TRY to fix him.”
Casey’s entrance music hits and she comes out on stage. The crowd roars as she makes her way to the ring.

After she is in the ring……the lights start to flicker. The arena then goes black. A spotlight shines from the rafters to the ring. From the spotlight……Poison sails down from above. He lands in the middle of the ring with his black trench coat on and black baseball bat in hand. He unhooks himself, takes off the coat, and puts the bat aside.

The ref rings the bell. Both stars start from the corner and then move out. They walk around the ring… around the ring…..then walk around the ring. They slowly come to a halt. They look at each other and then look at the crowd as they are on their feet.

Jim: “This is what everyone has been waiting for! You can feel the tension.”

They look back at each other and move closer. They go face to face. They stare at each other right in their eyes. They back up and……IT’S ON! Poison hits Casey with a right hand, but Casey comes back with a right hand. Poison does another right, but Casey does another right. Poison does a knife edge chop to Casey’s chest and it makes her back up. She tries for another punch, but Poison stops her before she does it with a kick in the gut. He punches her again and she backs up even more. Poison is just out of control. He does another punch and it sends Casey going into the corner. Poison follows her. Poison kicks her in the gut…..does a right hand to her head….knife edge chop to her chest. Kicks her in the gut, punch to her head, chop to her chest. Kick to her gut….kick, punch, chop…..kick, kick, punch, punch, punch, chop! The ref grabs Poison and pulls him away from the corner. Casey falls on impact. The crowd is roaring.

Jim: “I am not sure who is more of a fan favorite….but I know I hate both of them!”

Poison goes back to the corner, but Casey pops up and….SMASHES Poison with a closeline. Both fall to the mat. Casey covers: 1-2-OH! Both get up, but Casey does a HUGE punch to Poison’s face. It makes him back up. She does a kick to his gut and he backs up more. She does another kick and he backs up into a different corner than Casey. She kicks him in the gut….punch to the head….knife edge chop. Kick to the gut, punch to the face, chop to the chest. Kick, kick, punch, punch…..chop, chop, chop, kick, punch, chop, punch, chop……the ref pulls her away and Poison falls down in the corner. Casey goes over to Poison, but Poison pops up this time and goes for a closeline….but Casey moves out of the way. Both turn around to face each other. Poison goes for another closeline to her…..but she grabs his arm….twists around…..GOOD GOD…..Devil Lock DDT! Oh, Poison landed right on his head. Casey turns him over: 1-2-OH! Casey gets Poison up and whips him in the corner…..but Poison reverses it. Poison runs to her…..BIG SPLASH in the corner! He takes her out of the corner and throws her in the ropes. She comes back and…..The Poisoned Knife (Pump Kick), but Casey ducked! She continues into the ropes. He turns around and……she comes full force with…..GOOD GOD…..a Pump Kick from Casey on Poison! She covers him: 1-2-OHHHHH! Casey gets up and goes to the corner. She climbs to the top rope. She waits. Poison gets on his feet…..she flies…..missile dropkick! Casey gets back up as the crowd is cheering her on. The crowd is chanting……POISON…..CASEY……POISON……CASEY! She jumps on the second rope and waits. Poison gets up and goes to her…..but she jumps…..grabbing his head…..Tornado DDT!
Casey covers him again: 1-2-OH! She gets Poison up, but he pushes her back. She bounces off the ropes and comes forward. He grabs her…..lifts her up….atomic drop…..but then lifts her up again…..spinebuster! He gets up and waits in the corner. She slowly turns around and gets up using the ropes. She turns to him….he runs…..The Poisoned Knife…..but she ducks. He turns around to her…..she jumps…..OH MY…..Paylay…..but WAIT, WAIT, WAIT…..Poison catches her on his shoulders. He runs……GOOD GOD…..running powerslam! He hooks her leg: 1-2-NOOOO! He gets her up and whips her in the corner. He goes…..BIG SPLASH again….but SHE MOVES! He goes gut first into the corner. He turns around and walks toward her…..but she twists around him…….BAM….Pepsi Twist. She covers: 1-2-NOOOOO! OH, how much more? They slowly get up to their feet. Casey gets up to her feet first. Poison slowly follows.

They go to each other and punch back and forth. Casey does one….Poison does one. Casey does one….Poison does one. Casey does one…..but Poison ducks. He knees her in the gut…..throws her in the ropes. She comes back…..The Poison Knife…..BUT STILL….she ducked. They turn around to face each other……BUT, BUT, BUT….Poison jumps as she’s right there…..FINALLY…..The Poisoned Knife! He covers her: 1-2-3!!!!!
WAIT, WAIT, WAIT…..IT WAS ONLY 2!!!!!!! This is unbelievable! Poison can’t believe it. He bends down and slowly gets Casey on her feet. Both can barely stand as they are leaning on each other. Poison does an uppercut forearm…..but Casey slaps Poison right in the chest. They go back and forth while…..LOOK, LOOK, LOOK, LOOK……101 is running down the ramp with a chair. He slides in the ring. Poison turns around to face 101……he swings the chair…..Poison ducks……OH MY…..101 hits Casey right in the head with the chair. DING, DING, DING…..Winner: Casey

Casey falls down and rolls out of the ring. 101 looks down, but then turns around to Poison and…..WHACK…..hits Poison right over the head with the chair and he falls. Just then, Dixie Carter comes on the titan tron.

Dixie: “Whoa….listen 101….listen. I know you have a restraining order on
Poison…..but I looked it up from the police offices. I read it and found out…..IF you are the one to go after Poison, the order drops. If Poison goes after you, well that’s a different story. BUT, you went after Poison, 101. I mean you hit him with the chair. So… know what that means? The orders are dropped and the match at Persecution is…..FAIR GAME!” 101 rushes to get a mic. He looks at the tron and starts to point up at Dixie. He has a dark voice.

101: “Dixie….YOU’RE GOING TO KILL TFC! You are going to kill it! You are the cancer! I created this…..this is my creation! I am not going to let you destroy it. I am not going to let you kill TFC! I created it…..I’M NOT GOING TO LET YOU KILL…..WHAT I CREATED! You are going down…….you are going to be out of here…….SOON…..VERY SOON!” 101 drops the mic, and grabs the chair. Poison is rocking back and forth on the mat. He turns over and gets to his feet. 101 is about to swing…..BUT, BUT, BUT…..the lights go out! The lights soon come on and we see Poison standing right in front of 101! 101 swings…..and CRACKS the chair over Poison’s head. BUT WAIT……101’s head goes back. IT’S POISON….IT’S POISON! Scorpion Death Drop right on 101!!!!! Poison gets up and stands over 101.

Jim: “What just happened? Are there two Poisons? What is going on?

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